Monday, December 21, 2015

LIQ-TROCITY by Cheraee. C

They say that everyone in life has a story and main character Chisel Simmons indeed does. From once being "the man" due to playing basketball overseas; to having the looks that any woman would kill over just to be in his acquaintance, this guy from anyone's peripheral vision seem to have it all.

Unfortunately in life, things can change in an instant.   After enduring a severe physical injury during a game, the life he once knew was gone. Unable to cope with his misfortune appropriately, Chisel accrued bad habits which resulted to his life taking a downward spiral.

To make matters worse, Simmons was indeed in a dead end marriage to a woman he despised. They say in life, we as humans unintentionally select our mates based upon what we see or are exposed to as children. Due to having an estranged relationship with his mother which consisted of a lot of verbal abuse, Chisel for the most part, did not trust women and visualized them all as sexual objects. Physically his wife, Haze Hilton, met his expectations. Sadly she and his mom possessed similar characteristics and traits.

As the plot unfolds, I'd come to find, that these two as a couple combined are the love recipe for disaster who I deem responsible  for the capital "S" in front of the word scandal.  To the continuous lying to one another and constant back and forth tactics of betrayal, the conclusion of this book will leave your mouth agape for a minimum of a week.  Excellent job authoress Cheraee C. on teaching us all what not to look for in a mate.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Public House in Ferndale Michigan

This beautiful fall day, I was in search of some great brunch. Due to running errands on the west side of town, and looking through tasty food pics on Instagram, I decided to give the Public House in Ferndale, Michigan a try.

Felling a bit anxious and tense due to being in constant motion this Saturday, I was instantly calmed by the scenery. Taking a seat towards the bar, I heard music playing.  For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  Knowing for sure that the sounds were not coming from an I-Pod music device, instantly, I smiled at the object to the right of the bar on the shelf due to it taking me back to my childhood days. Yes people, the sound of real music was being played on a record player.

Chatting with the bartender, I was informed that on certain days of the week, customers are allowed to bring albums from their personal collections to be played while they eat. Thinking to myself, “how cool is that and could it possibly get any better?” hopefully the food would complement the scenery along with various vinyls played.

Deciding on what to start off with, I selected what caught my eye on social media, “The Waffle of the Week.” Topped off with walnuts and applesauce, I took a few bites and put it to the side for later. It was indeed tasty yet, I was saving room my next selection. We’ve all heard of “Green Eggs and Ham” however, “Purple Eggs” are indeed a rarity.

Skeptical of trying the “Salmon Toast and Pickled Eggs,” in this case, “Slightly Colored Violet Eggs” prior to opening my mouth for the first bite, I thought to myself, “what have you gotten yourself into?” My response, something delightful.  The salmon cream cheese combination was a pure delight and did not take long for me to devour it all.

Almost full however, not quite there, I decided to order one more thing on the brunch menu prior to throwing in the towel.  Forgive me for not remembering the name of this entrĂ©e yet the picture below says it all. Consisting of beef brisket, red skin potatoes topped off with sunny side up eggs and sliced scallions, I had never tasted something so mouthwatering. In fact the only thing better was the opportunity to eat all three together due to how it was served.

People if you haven't gone to the public house in Ferndale my only question is what are you waiting for?  Although there are several more weeks left in the year 2015 thus so far, they’ve got “The Food Lady’s” vote for best brunch in the south east region of Michigan.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Pasta Bowl in Detroit

Restaurants in Midtown and Downtown Detroit are popping up so fast even I can barely seem to keep up.  Having absolutely no complaints about seeking and looking for the latest new and authentic cuisine’s to try, the word had gotten out  about a new restaurant located on West McNichols cooking and serving up savory delicious food choices with one heck of an outside of-the-box theme.
Opening this past summer of 2014, the place I'm referring to is known for downhome cooking however, not soul food.  Dispelling the myth that African American chefs are only masters of soul food cuisine, Detroit's Pasta Bowl has proven to the city that this indeed is not the case. Specializing in Italian food, all of their authentic features are made with the freshest ingredients.   From the selected entrees made with either cream sauces or fresh tomato marinara, all are filled with flavor yet none are made nor prepared with salt.

Having a love and strong passion for family and friends, every title of each Italian dish is named after a person the owners admire and highly look up to.  Known as "Little Italy in the Hood", their infamous spinach and seafood selection made with a cream sauce is to die for.  I personally can’t seem to get enough of the "Spaghetti Sandwich".  Made with multiple layers of garlic bread, spaghetti, and cheese, this choice on the menu indeed brings out the inner child in me. For those as of yet who've not patronized Pasta Bowl in Detroit, be sure to do so. I guarantee you'll leave one happy camper.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Punch Bowl Social on Broadway Downtown Detroit

Summertime in Detroit is always amazing.  With all of the positive transitioning taking place, downtown is definitely the place to network, mingle, socialize and yes of course, eat.  Several weeks ago, I along with friend of mind decided to try out one of the latest entertainment and food places to open its doors the later part of 2014.

Parking my vehicle on Broadway, I could not help but to admire the setup, structure, and architecture of one of Detroit’s new arrivals. For a moment, I thought I was downtown Chicago. The elevated windows allowed everyone to feel the summer breeze blown inward.  People had the choice to either eat inside or out on the patio while listening to the music being played inside.  Tables were reserved for birthday celebrations, friends and family gatherings, and of course dinner dates.   Who would’ve thought that all of this excitement would be taking happening at a place that provides bowling?  I am here to tell you that indeed it was.

Entering the Punch Bowl Social, I personally couldn’t help but to smile. The scenery and positive vibes upon arrival were both indeed contagious. Ordering a cocktail at the bar; I requested to be seated outside to soak up some of the gorgeous weather. Our waiter, a very fun and energetic individual, escorted us outside to the patio area.  For an appetizer, we started off with the Sweet Cilantro Wings.   Although the aroma of the chicken was mouthwatering, it was indeed deceiving.  I was most disappointed with the bland flavor and taste.  Even with additional sauce requested, it did not help much.

Thinking to myself “who could possibly mess up chicken,” I moved on to my next food choice under the “Share Plates” selection.   Deciding to take a categorical risk, I ordered the “Cauliflower Nachos.”  Having tried my fair share of various nachos with unique toppings in the past; this feature consisted of cilantro, crema queso fondito, a choice of chicken and pork, and of course cauliflower.   Assuming I had made another bad choice, I was wrong.  The combination of cauliflower, chicken, and creama queso was indeed a huge hit.  The flavor of the cilantro gave this dish exactly what it needed to meet my approval.   I was most pleased with this selection and would indeed order it again.

 People if you haven’t’ paid the Punch Bowl Social a visit, what are you waiting for?  Even if you don’t’ bowl, get on down there and enjoy yourselves before the hot season comes to an end.  


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Baker's Keyboard Louge

Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, located on Livernois is indeed one of Detroit’s historical monuments.  Jazz musicians such Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Colloway, and the legendary Miles Davis have all performed and entertained at this club that opened its doors in the early 30’s. To my surprise, after conducting research, I’d come to find that Bakers started out first as a sandwich shop in 1933, and began booking musicians in 1934. Making this discovery, I asked myself, “could this explain their solid reputation for serving up amazing down home soul food cuisine that comes often highly recommended?” 

Entering the lounge, you’re immediately taking back to a time when music was at its purest. Sitting at the bar with mutual friend, I asked to see the menu.  Due to frequently patronizing the lounge, I knew they had a reputation for making some of the best fried perch fish in the city. This day I was in the mood for a little turkey however; not prepared the traditional way. Sipping on my cocktail, I decided on their Turkey Chops and a double order of their signature greens with tomatoes and onions.

Once my plate was handed to me, the one word that immediately came to mind was, "wild!" The aroma of the food immediately awakened the senses of my taste buds.  As I prepared myself to put the "smash down" on this “mega plate” I thought to myself, "I hope everything taste as good as it smells." My greens as usual were fresh and not over powered by salt.  Prior to tasting my first chop, I was concerned about the possibility of them being overcooked and dry. After my first bite I was sold! They were crispy, moist, and some of the best chops I've tasted in a while. I was thoroughly satisfied with my experience at Bakers this day and highly recommend that everyone give them a try.  After-all the lounge was initially known for making great sandwiches prior to providing musical performances and lives entertainment.




Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kuzzo's Chicken & Waffles

With so many new places to eat popping up all over Midtown; one new restaurant on the northwest side opened its doors this past winter of 2015. Located on Livernois, rumor has it that people from all walks of life residing in Detroit are swarming like bees to honey to experience the taste of Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles. 

Owned by Detroit Lion Ron Bartell, I received recommendations from many individuals requesting that I pay a visit. With Social Media playing a big role, and many Detroiters flooding their Insta Gram time lines with the delectable southern cuisine food items; it was indeed time for me to see what the KCW buzz was really all about.  After-all, Detroit’s Mayor Mike Duggan had even approved.

Waiting on the rest of my dinning party to arrive, I used my spare time to peep out the magnificent scenery.  From the picture of the first African American President of the United States smoking a cigarette towards the bar, and the legendary Rap Group Run-DMC displayed on the multi-colored brown and red brick wall towards the dining area, the art work inside of the latest restaurant to make the Avenue of Fashion is most alluring.  The Marilyn Monroe portrait indeed makes a sight for sore eyes and compliments the state-of-the-art gorgeous lofty surroundings.

Anticipating the arrival of our final party member, we were squired to our table by our host and menus were provided with glasses of ice water by our server.  Making up our minds up about what to order was indeed a challenge due to the ongoing stares and pauses made at the “Waffle Combos” and “Southern Comforts” selections passing us back and forth to other dining room guest.  Members of our party decided on the following; the “Bam-Bam” consisting of a fried drumstick, thigh, with waffle choice included, the “Shrimp and Grits” made with scallions and bacon served over cheese grits, and the “Belle Isle Basket” which includes the choice of fried shrimp or catfish filets with a basket of chips. Finally, it was my turn to order and I decided on the red velvet waffle, three wings, and cheese eggs as my side item.  Known as the “Big Red”, this breakfast dish indeed fits true to its title.  I was most pleased with the portions provided.    

The chicken was piping hot, delicious and seasoned to perfection. The red velvet waffle was so rich and sweet that I devoured the majority of it without any syrup.   My eggs were fluffy, moist, and flavorsome.  I was thoroughly satisfied with my meal.  People, if you haven’t given the latest southern breakfast cuisine spot to hit the block of Livernois, it’s a must you give them a try.  You’ll need to exercise some patience and prepare to wait; however, I guarantee it’ll be worth your time.  



Monday, March 30, 2015

Go! Sy Thai Located in Midtown Detroit

What’s better than Thai Food?  A brand new Thai Restaurant in Midtown Detroit of-course.  Not even a year old, the word got out fast about a new place cooking up some mighty good Asian Cuisine in the area.   Curious about what this place had to offer, I made a pit stop to Go Sy Thai located on Cass Avenue prior to attending a networking engagement.

Assuming there would be ample room and space for one to sit down and dine on a Monday; man was I wrong! Filled to the max with locals and college students wanting to place “to go orders” or dine in, this gave me the opportunity to look over their menu several times.

My first instinct was to select the Panang. Made with bell peppers, eggplant, and green coconut curry.    Geared towards satisfying  the Spicer side of my taste buds; just when I was about to place my order, I change my mind and decided on the Egg Noodle dish.  Made with peapods, carrots, baby corn and a hint of garlic soya sauce; I requested a little beef be added as well.   

The combination of crisp steamed vegetables were absolutely delectable and full of authentic flavor.  The garlic soya mixed with the beef made this selection quite a hit.  The Egg Noodles were steamed perfectly.  An avid fan of Thai Food, my preference or personal choice usually with a Thai dish is the Drunken Noodle.  Thanks to tasting the Egg Noodle for the very first time at Go Sy Thai; I've had an edible change of heart.  Highly impressed with the food and atmosphere, I recommend everyone give them a try.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Wind Catcher (Chosen, #1) by Jeff and Erynn ALTabef

Juliet, a Native American teenager desiring the simple things in life ends up getting way more than she bargains for at sixteen.  Wanting the best education possible for her daughter; Summer, Juliet’s mom, switches her to a school that lacks diversity.  For poor Juliet, fitting in, has been no easy task. In-fact, it’s basically a lost cause. 
Sicheii, her grandfather, proudly embraces his native heritage.  Once very close to him, Juliet finds herself embarrassed by his cultural practices and way of life.   Like most working single moms, Summer does the best she can do to provide for herself and her only daughter.  Unhappy about her school change, Juliet becomes angry about her mom’s decision to have Sicheii house sit while she tends to work related business out of town.

Despising the whole private school experience; she decides the following morning to ditch school and avoid the phony atmosphere of Bartens High School.  Missing her old school environment and friends, she relies on her best friend Troy to help her escape her current reality. 
Unfortunately, their time together this particular day goes from sweet to sour due to an unexpected confrontation with some drunken teens.  Although the two of them safely escape the situation; Juliet, that same day notices some unique differences about herself that definitely distinguish her from the typical teen.  
No longer able to avoid the unique things taking place within her, Juliet finds herself discovering undisclosed secrets which result to her rekindling the bond she once had with her grandfather.  From discovering the truth about the murder of Medicine Man Roundtree in their local town; to realizing Sicheii's unconditional love and pure reasoning behind his "over the top" protection of her, Juliet's journey in the Wind Catcher keeps the reader turning the pages of this book anticipating more action to come.  










Sunday, March 8, 2015

Adra's Review on Believe in Yourself by Dr. Joseph Murphy

Unfortunately in this world, people often get a kick out of seeing others not succeed.  The remaining portion rarely cares either way.   Most of us in life have dreams and aspirations to leave an unforgettable mark upon this planet prior to passing on. Too many times, we placed the role of faith towards our goals in the wrong hands.  As humans, we become so indulge with what other people may feel or believe about our ideas that we neglect or fail to realize that it all starts from within.
Many of us have amazing gifts that are needed to be shared with the world however; listening to other people, inner fear, insecurities, and lack of self-worth prevents us from pressing the start button.  We allow our minds and the company that we keep to convince us that what we have to offer simply isn’t worth the effort.  In laments terms, we simply just don’t believe in ourselves.

For those suffering from anything listed above or what I refer to as “the adversary,” I recommend you read this book.  From the beginning to the end, it provides the mental medicine one needs to retrain your thoughts for the better.  For those who ever thought that the images seen in their heads showing visualizations of manifested careers, or businesses were purely a glimpse of untouchable reason, this indeed is not the case. This was simply an unproductive thought from your mind telling you that it was unobtainable.  In-fact, the late Dr. Joseph Murphy states the following in the Make Your Dreams Come True Chapter of this read, “Imagination is the mighty instrument used by great scientist, artist, physicist, inventors, architects, and mystics.  When the world said, “It is impossible; it can be done,” the man with the imagination said, it is done!

For those needing to either build or rebuild inner confidence, read Believe in Yourself.  Never put your hopes and dreams into anyone else’s hands to create it.  The inner ability to achieve whatever you want out of life start’s within yourself.  Lastly the key to it all starts with the initial trusting and moving on a positive thought evolving from the inside aiming towards the outer for the greater good of all.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Maccabees in Midtown Detroit

The venue food choices in Midtown Detroit are definitely taking a turn for the better.  Great places to dine are indeed showing up and showing out.  One new place in particular is Maccabees located on Woodward.

Located within the proximity and heart of Wayne State University; I upon entry was immediately astonished by the beauty of this place. Greeted with the smile by the host, it was stated to me after inquiring that this establishment had opened it's doors January of 2013.  

Accompanied to my seat, I immediately began to skim the menu. Maccabees flair of featured selections of authentic creations made it very hard for me to decide upon. Items such as their "Baileys French Toast" and the "Salmon Wrap" indeed were tempting. Placing my menu down on the table indicating to the waiter that I was ready, I took a sip of my water and provided my order.

My curiosity for their "Maccabee Turkey" had indeed gotten the best of me. Made with smoked turkey, melted provolone, roasted peppers, and garlic aioli, ladies and gentlemen, this is not your typical turkey sandwich. In place of bread, the turkey and cheese combination is placed in between two flavorful potato pancakes.

Taking my first bite, I was immediately sold. The creative concept of  smoked turkey enclosed between two potato pancakes makes for one pure state of culinary arts at it's best. Served with a fresh mixed greens salad topped off with a homemade balsamic dressing, this meal had indeed won me over. I am indeed pleased with the atmosphere, hospitality, and dinning experience I had a Maccabee's. I'm pretty sure anyone who makes a reservation or just drops through on the humble to eat will leave feeling the exact same way.    

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Review on Tony Robbins: Tony Robbins Greatest Life Lessons Writen by Joy Lincoln

Approaching the midpoint of February 2015; less than eight weeks ago, the majority of us did the norm.  We all made or set New Years goals.  Whether we wrote them down or logged them into the route memory of our brains, we did it all in hopes to accomplish our personal life’s desires and dreams. 

The inner conflict that comes with wanting something bad enough is that the majority of us give up too soon on what we want.  In-fact, statistics indicate that achievement goals set at the beginning of the year annually are pushed by the wayside prior to half of the calendar being over with.
There’s an adage that many of us are familiar with that states the following, “it all starts with you.”   I agree with the statement however; what if your current mindset is not in a place necessary for you to get the ball rolling on your life goals and aspirations?   Speaking from personal experience, I know what it feels like to be stuck in a not so joyous predicament.    I’ve been in positions many times where I could envision myself with everything I had wished and hoped for.  The issue at hand was that I simply did not believe that I had what it took to bring it to full life.

For those wanting to feel a sense of entitlement for whatever it is you want to see or desire to come to fruition; yet somehow got off of the course.
 I recommend this book of affirmations stated directly by the legendary Tony Robinson written by Joy Lincoln.  A short yet very inspiring read, this collection of powerful and proven steps provide in depth the necessary lessons needed for an overall turnaround of a stagnant mindset.   I personally took heed to the lessons identified in chapters three and five stating the following; “You see, in life, few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough. You must take action. Only you have the power, not your environment.   

For those who were feeling enthused the very beginning of the New Year who now feel as if you can’t see yourself accomplishing your goals due to limited unproductive thoughts throwing you off your square; read this one.  Tony Robbins Greatest Life Lessons, written by Joy Lincoln, provides the push needed to get back on the right track.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Food Review on Seva in Midtown Detroit

This past week, Michigan endured some serious snow.    Contemplating on should I even leave the house this day to drive through a whirl wind of blowing flurries on my usual mission to find some great food; I got in my car wondering what I really was in the mood for. Cautiously driving down the slick yet busy streets, there were two things I knew for sure.  One, I wanted a meal that would warm my insides up, secondly; this dining experience had to be authentic and unique due to challenge of getting there  through what appeared to be a  “winter wonderland”.

Making a choice on where I could acquire what I had envisioned in mind, I decided on Seva, a Vegetarian eatery located on Forest Avenue.  Located in Midtown Detroit, it’s not an easy place to find.  Missing my turn the first time due to the entry way to the parking lot being narrow, I finally ended up in this cozy structured restaurant that resembles a large loft.

Accompanied to my table and indecisive on what beverage to taste, the waiter gave me a sample of an authentic beer strong enough to knock your socks offs yet great in flavor! I started my order off with a bowl of their Aged Cream of Potato Soup. Stirring my onions and shredded cheddar together with my spoon, I came to find that this liquid dish in my opinion was rather bland.  Leaving a strong aftertaste in my mouth, I put it to the side and waited on my second selection to arrive.

I’ve had cauliflower raw, cooked and mixed with other vegetables; however, I’d never had it the way this restaurant prepares it. For those of you unaware of what General Tso’s Chicken is, it’s a spicy deep fried Asian dish served with a sweet and hot exotic sauce.  Seva’s General Tso’s Cauliflower is prepared in the same fashion.  Prior to biting into it, I had doubts however after my first piece; I was immediately sold! The taste of the spicy battered dipped vegetables made for one impeccable appetizer filled with flavor. 

The soup in my opinion was nothing to write home to momma about however the General Tso’s Cauliflower made my dinning experience exactly what I was looking for this particular chilly day; authentic and unique that is.      

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Heal Your Heart by Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr.

The love month is upon us everyone.  In approximately thirteen days, the nation will celebrate its annual couple’s day.  With that being said, many will not.   In fact, a lot of men and women will display anger, frustration, and resentment due to not letting go of excess baggage.

The truth of the matter to be told, we as humans remain complacent in a state of broken heartedness due to not pressing on.  In the back of our minds some of us hope and pray that the individuals responsible for our inner damage receive their just due.  While it may happen in due time, waiting for the avengement of the person who shattered your world will not solve a disheartened soul.  Reading books such as Heal Your Heart by Eddie Connor Jr., definitely set the pace on a track to healing your present pain of the past.

In the initial portion of his latest book, he states the following, “Healing is not always an event… it’s a process.”  It indeed takes time to get over the act of a significant other who betrayed or mislead you to believing that their love for you was sincere.   Lingering on about the matter is not a healthy practice for anyone. In most cases, it results to one making the same or similar repetitious mistakes with different counterparts and surrounding yourself with individuals who don’t make your situation any better due to their current miserable state of mind. The old adage stating that birds of a feather flock together is indeed true.  Selecting to not move on and allowing the pity party to continuously repeat in your mind will indeed over extend its time span along with the negative company you’ll subconsciously continue to attract make for one ongoing recipe for self-sabotaging.

Some of us don’t know where to start and Valentine’s Day is soon upon us, read Heal Your Heart and use this book as a tool to get the ball rolling on a cured path to a life full of bliss.  There’s no easy way to get around it. Although the process of recovery can be painful for us all, the best way to deal with it is by reading insightful guides proving workable results such as this one; prayer, facing it head forward and moving on.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Food Review on Gina's Located in Clinton Township Michigan

Waking up this Sunday hungry as a horse, I had the taste for my usual first midday food choices of the week; brunch that is. Needing coffee and just the right combination of vittles to get my day started, I pondered on where to go.   Selecting a place I’d never dined at, I ended up at Gina’s located in Clinton Township.   

Upon entry I was greeted with some of the friendliest faces ever and was escorted to my seating area.  Small yet very cozy, this place was filled to its capacity. Watching others patiently waiting to be seated, I opened up my menu to view their featured selections.

After taking several sips of my coffee, I started with an order of their Cinnamon Raisin French toast. Let me just say how glad I am that I ordered it. The combination of the cinnamon, sweet spices, and the raisins together made for one great experience taste bud wise.    

Happy about my first choice and eager to try more items, I made their hash browns and Spinach Omelet created with Swiss cheese my final selections of the day.  My hash browns were freshly cut and not frozen.  In fact, I enjoyed them so much that I ate them all!  I was somewhat disappointed by my omelet.  It was rather bland.  Although the spinach was fresh, the combination of the Swiss cheese with the egg batter lacked the desired taste I was looking for.  I’ll most definitely give Gina’s another try. Perhaps I’ll try their amazing Cinnamon Raisin French toast with another omelet choice next time.

Friday, January 23, 2015


Great writers published superb books.  In fact statics indicate that 309,957 titles were released in 2012 alone.  Some will celebrate a major accomplishment by making the New York Times Best Seller List. On the other hand, many will be disappointed due to not achieving their desired reach.

Like myself and many other writers unsatisfied with a low volume of sales due to not being highly recognized for our talents as authors, there’s one determining factor playing a vital role in it all.  Reasoning for it all has to do with placing a small amount of emphasis upon a marketing/branding plan or, the lack of putting one into place prior to release dates.  Placing all of the energy into writing and publishing the book, most writers assume that the title of a book will sale itself.   
There is a lot a work that goes into writing a book.  The same amount of effort that it takes to complete a title should also be applied to who you plan to sale it to and how your style of writing will be identified from all the rest.  For those lacking the foundation or knowledge needed to create one and haveing a clue where as to start, read Discover Your Brand by Emlyn Chand.   
Completing this book, the first thing that came to mind was a doctor’s exam.  Trained physicians check individuals thoroughly from head to toe from the inside out to ensure that everything is properly working.  This guide does the exact same thing for authors.  It allows writers the opportunity by providing specific directives the chance to thoroughly inspect their reads to ensure a higher desired target population reach.  

The author of three books for tweens, chapter six, Finding Your Genre, opened my eyes to realm of possibilities I hadn’t considered.  I had no idea how an incorrect classification of a book could result in a writer ever reaching his or her potential targeted audience. Thanks to Chand, I now know. 

To all writers whether seasoned or new, be sure to create a branding plan prior to releasing your forth coming titles and purchase Discover Your Brand to assist you with completing the process.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The 24Grille Located on Michigan Avenue in Detroit

Last Thursday’s weather here in Michigan was so cold that just about every school district was closed for the day.  Having an off day from the class room meant two things for me. One; I could make an early hair appointment and of course, case out my next restaurant within the south-east region on my usual mission to find some great eats.

Driving downtown, I ended up at the 24grille located on Michigan Avenue.  Upon entry, I was greeted by a young man and woman who displayed some of the most cheerful and welcoming expressions one would ever meet.   Enclosed inside of the WestinBook-Cadillac Hotel, the ambiance is purely sensual and the windows provide for a most decorative view for its incoming customers.

Highly satisfied with the selections from their menu, I decided on several appetizers such as their Salmon Tacos, and Lolli Pop Lamb Chops.  Both were edible however, what comes to my mind is their Risotto Croquette.  A deep fried potato served with spinach and asparagus topped with a creamy melted cheese sauce, it indeed is the appetizer to die for.

Due to having a little more room in my belly to eat just a little more, my final selection for this evening was their Corn Beef Reuben Sandwich served on multicolored rye. Big enough in my opinion to keep you good and full all day, the rye bread was crisp and the corn beef was good enough to take off the sandwich and eat it plain. The spin off for red cabbage instead of green made for one decorative creation. My experience at the 24grille in Detroit was most pleasurable.  For those who haven’t paid this fine dining restaurant a visit, be sure to make a reservation soon. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy PH.D.,D.D

It’s a “New Year” and a “New Day.”  At least that’s the attitude most of us carry for the first thirty one days out of the 365.  By February, were usually back to the same old routine.  Many of us desire a purposeful life full of meaning.  As humans, we all have various goals in life we’d like to actually see manifest.  A personal goal for one individual may be to have their health fully restored while another’s could be to eliminate excesses debt. Neither can be classified as right or wrong.   It simply boils down to what’s a priority for the individual during their present specific phase of life.
I can’t think of anyone off hand who doesn’t want to get better at something or, accomplish a lifelong dream. Perhaps the conflict overall for most of us was the ignorance of applying the proper mental channels needed to fulfill our hearts desires.
I never would’ve thought of it this way until I listened to this audio just this past week. In purest terms, this verbal formatted book is the overall recipe to any visionary’s mission. Usually, I can identify my favorite section of an audio or bounded book. Due to having so many “aha moments” as I listened, I simply couldn’t.  For those individuals desiring to improve health and finances, I highly recommend you focus on chapters five and 10.
Although The Power of the Subconscious Mind was first released in 1963, it still remains a best seller after 52 years. This is the kind of book that every kid needs to start reading no later than the age of 12.  And as for adults, start now by either reading or listening to the audio version of the late Dr. Murphy’s greatest guide today.