Saturday, January 25, 2014

Here's my Culinary Critique on American Bistro Located in Detroit

Several days ago, I had the opportunity to dine in a bistro with a hometown southern appeal.   The restaurant I’m referring to is none other than the American Bistro located in Detroit on Livernois. Atmosphere wise, this restaurant is simply amiable! Widely known for providing live entertainment as people feast on the selected items from their quite impressive menu, the American Bistro is one of those places you go to dine and end up staying beyond your anticipated time.  

 On this particular visit, I selected the lamb chop dinner.  My server was most gracious.  Their martini’s …piquant!  The lamb chops… well let’s just say I’ve had better.  They were however edible.  The zucchini squash was delectable and the fresh strawberries were yummy.    I absolutely recommend that everyone go in try one of the tasty selections from this eatery.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Here's my Culinary Critique on the Grille Located in Midtown Detroit

Just this Monday, I ventured off to the Grille located in Midtown Detroit. The ambience....simply captivating.  The waiters...enthusiastic and eager to serve. The atmosphere...mature and sophisticated.  The sweet potato fries are mouth watering and to die for. My salmon was seasoned well and very satisfying.  The salad my salmon was placed upon was rather bland.  The combination of mixed greens, sliced uncooked potato's, and pitted olives did not complement the fish at all.  The kiwi lime...delectable.

I'm giving the Grille four out of five stars. I will definitely eat  here again.  Next time, I'll simply bypass on the salmon salad combination.

Friday, January 17, 2014

My Brother, the Devil, and me By Jermaine Williams

There are many books based upon siblings.  Some authors base the plot on childhood upbringing.  Others through their writing help us clearly visualize the rivalry factor.  This one bares the soul and fate of two brothers born in Syria.  

Malik and Jameel are just like any two young Muslim boys.  Sadeem, and Amira, their parents, brought them up to be “Devoted Muslims.”   Placing a high value on education, it was forbidden for the youngsters to watch a lot of television growing up.  Ending up in the United States due to their father getting into trouble with his political position in Syria, the boys get a rude awakening entering   “America’s Public School System” as foreigners.  

Transitioning as “Home Schooled” students entering a high school in Florida, the brothers quickly learn to either sink or swim.  As the plot UN-thickens, it’s great to see how Williams allows his readers to envision the twist, turns, highs, and lows of the Hamid Brothers journey.  Although there are a few grammatical errors, it does not deter the fact that this story is great as well as one excitable read from the beginning to the end. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Lanna Thai Cuisine Located in Charter Township of Shelby in Michigan

There’s good Thai food and there’s spectacular Thai Food.   Just last week, I tasted the best spicy Thai noodles period at Lanna Thai Cuisine.    Some Thai noodles are over cooked leaving a soggy taste in your mouth or, just too dry. The noodles were steamed at accurate temperature.  The spicy sauce was hot however, not enough to overpower the other ingredients.     The amount provided was affordable for the price.  Customer service was on point.  The presentation of the Spring Roll was like none I’d ever seen and very satisfying.   I’m giving Lanna Thai Cuisine four out of four stars.  If you’re ever in Shelby Township Michigan, I recommend you stop by.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Black College Sabbatical Spring Quarter by Tracie Christian

A product of a Historically Black institution myself, the wonderful life lessons that take place at these prestigious institutions are under told.  Often for African-American students, attending a “Black College” provide the initial opportunity to both identify and recognize where we actually fit in this cold, mean, and crazy world.  There’s no such thing as a perfect institution or, facility of higher learning. So many amazing good and not so good stories take place at HBCU’s.   The fact seems to remain that the stories are rarely unfolded through literary reads. Finally a brilliant author acknowledges, identifies, and through one hell of an effort addresses the need by providing a version of the “Africa-American Student Experience” while attending a “Black University” literary saga to be shared with all. 

 Authoress Tracie Christian dares to remedy this challenge through her fictional series of The Black College Sabbatical. The characters and the way the roles play out in this final book of Christian’s trilogy far by none is “superb!”  The juicy plot keeps you turning pages!  People as you read this book I can assure you that the only problem or challenge you may face is putting it down!  Although the book is classified as a fictional read…it definitely posses the characteristics of a “True Story.” 

To actually see the growth and the accomplishments of all of the students attending ‘Heritage University" was heart- felt for me.  Finally, a writer came along and told ONE great story about my people aiming higher on this planet to simply become better.  Yes, the third book of Christian’s trilogy is the end of the Black College Sabbatical series however, this trilogy shall forever serve as one of the greatest “How to Make it Guides” in HBCU history.

Outstanding Christian!  I applaud your success.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Self Confidence Without All the BS by Bede Draper

I’ve read many books on improving self worth.  This by far is one of the deepest.  Draper takes on the challenge of presenting human reactions and responses. For years I’ve thought I understood the total concept of “High Self Esteem”.  I’ve come to find that after completing this book that I’ve been mislead for quiet sometime.  To be exact, I’ve been living in “Societal Box” most of my life. 

Enlightened by the continuous “Aha” moments, many self realizations were made. My preconceived notion of what defines “Great Confidence” was based upon personal gains in life I’d accomplished.   In other words, I evaluated my self esteem on personal life goals I’d set for myself.   Thanks to Bede, I know now that conquering everything in your life has absolutely nothing to do with good or bad confidence at all.  Reading this book was like taking an advanced psychology class.  I wish they had books out like this when I attended college.