Monday, March 30, 2015

Go! Sy Thai Located in Midtown Detroit

What’s better than Thai Food?  A brand new Thai Restaurant in Midtown Detroit of-course.  Not even a year old, the word got out fast about a new place cooking up some mighty good Asian Cuisine in the area.   Curious about what this place had to offer, I made a pit stop to Go Sy Thai located on Cass Avenue prior to attending a networking engagement.

Assuming there would be ample room and space for one to sit down and dine on a Monday; man was I wrong! Filled to the max with locals and college students wanting to place “to go orders” or dine in, this gave me the opportunity to look over their menu several times.

My first instinct was to select the Panang. Made with bell peppers, eggplant, and green coconut curry.    Geared towards satisfying  the Spicer side of my taste buds; just when I was about to place my order, I change my mind and decided on the Egg Noodle dish.  Made with peapods, carrots, baby corn and a hint of garlic soya sauce; I requested a little beef be added as well.   

The combination of crisp steamed vegetables were absolutely delectable and full of authentic flavor.  The garlic soya mixed with the beef made this selection quite a hit.  The Egg Noodles were steamed perfectly.  An avid fan of Thai Food, my preference or personal choice usually with a Thai dish is the Drunken Noodle.  Thanks to tasting the Egg Noodle for the very first time at Go Sy Thai; I've had an edible change of heart.  Highly impressed with the food and atmosphere, I recommend everyone give them a try.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Wind Catcher (Chosen, #1) by Jeff and Erynn ALTabef

Juliet, a Native American teenager desiring the simple things in life ends up getting way more than she bargains for at sixteen.  Wanting the best education possible for her daughter; Summer, Juliet’s mom, switches her to a school that lacks diversity.  For poor Juliet, fitting in, has been no easy task. In-fact, it’s basically a lost cause. 
Sicheii, her grandfather, proudly embraces his native heritage.  Once very close to him, Juliet finds herself embarrassed by his cultural practices and way of life.   Like most working single moms, Summer does the best she can do to provide for herself and her only daughter.  Unhappy about her school change, Juliet becomes angry about her mom’s decision to have Sicheii house sit while she tends to work related business out of town.

Despising the whole private school experience; she decides the following morning to ditch school and avoid the phony atmosphere of Bartens High School.  Missing her old school environment and friends, she relies on her best friend Troy to help her escape her current reality. 
Unfortunately, their time together this particular day goes from sweet to sour due to an unexpected confrontation with some drunken teens.  Although the two of them safely escape the situation; Juliet, that same day notices some unique differences about herself that definitely distinguish her from the typical teen.  
No longer able to avoid the unique things taking place within her, Juliet finds herself discovering undisclosed secrets which result to her rekindling the bond she once had with her grandfather.  From discovering the truth about the murder of Medicine Man Roundtree in their local town; to realizing Sicheii's unconditional love and pure reasoning behind his "over the top" protection of her, Juliet's journey in the Wind Catcher keeps the reader turning the pages of this book anticipating more action to come.  










Sunday, March 8, 2015

Adra's Review on Believe in Yourself by Dr. Joseph Murphy

Unfortunately in this world, people often get a kick out of seeing others not succeed.  The remaining portion rarely cares either way.   Most of us in life have dreams and aspirations to leave an unforgettable mark upon this planet prior to passing on. Too many times, we placed the role of faith towards our goals in the wrong hands.  As humans, we become so indulge with what other people may feel or believe about our ideas that we neglect or fail to realize that it all starts from within.
Many of us have amazing gifts that are needed to be shared with the world however; listening to other people, inner fear, insecurities, and lack of self-worth prevents us from pressing the start button.  We allow our minds and the company that we keep to convince us that what we have to offer simply isn’t worth the effort.  In laments terms, we simply just don’t believe in ourselves.

For those suffering from anything listed above or what I refer to as “the adversary,” I recommend you read this book.  From the beginning to the end, it provides the mental medicine one needs to retrain your thoughts for the better.  For those who ever thought that the images seen in their heads showing visualizations of manifested careers, or businesses were purely a glimpse of untouchable reason, this indeed is not the case. This was simply an unproductive thought from your mind telling you that it was unobtainable.  In-fact, the late Dr. Joseph Murphy states the following in the Make Your Dreams Come True Chapter of this read, “Imagination is the mighty instrument used by great scientist, artist, physicist, inventors, architects, and mystics.  When the world said, “It is impossible; it can be done,” the man with the imagination said, it is done!

For those needing to either build or rebuild inner confidence, read Believe in Yourself.  Never put your hopes and dreams into anyone else’s hands to create it.  The inner ability to achieve whatever you want out of life start’s within yourself.  Lastly the key to it all starts with the initial trusting and moving on a positive thought evolving from the inside aiming towards the outer for the greater good of all.