Sunday, July 27, 2014

Supinos Pizza in Detroit Located on Russell

There are pizzerias that claim to make a great pie.  Aware of the fact that the texture of a crust can make or break a pizza, I just like the rest of us have consumed a fair amount of this popular Italian dish. I had no idea what I was missing until I tasted a pizza made by Dave Mancini owner of Supinos pizza located in the eastern market region in Detroit.

 A lover of "thin crust" pizza, I was pleased to know that his establishment is known for exactly that.  This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to try a Supino's Pizza made with Swiss Chard, tomatoes, and Che'vre Cheese. While taking the last bite, what instantly popped into my mind was the song written by Tina Turner several years ago titled, "Simply the Best."   The tomato’s topped off with the spinach and Che’vre Cheese made for one awesome combination.  Of-course, the crust was terrific. After-all, Mancini has worked at perfecting his signature pizza crust for years.

Interviewing him this past Thursday on the Cooks and Books Show, I asked Dave his secret to a successful pizzeria business?  His response was persistence, determination, hard work, and of-course a variety of delicious pizza pies.  I totally agree with his concept.  Detroit and the south east region of Michigan, it's a must that you stop by Supinos and try one of the delectable thin crust pizza pie selections. I guarantee you'll leave Dave's spot one very satisfied customer.  

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Is This What Love is? True Stories From Women Around the World by Carolina Ordonez

What’s better than a book based upon love?  A book containing 14 stories based upon the topic written by women worldwide.  International business woman and Life Coach Ordonez proves once again that she has what it takes when it comes to spreading her message of confidence within women.   

What I loved about this compilation is that women from far and wide contributed how “real love” finally arrived and was achieved. They opened up their hearts and souls and courageously shared the ups and down’s of what it took to attract sincere companionship within their lives.     

Despite of the various backgrounds and cultures of the various women, the one commonality mastered by the contributors was simply the concept of attracting real love.  Way to go Ordonez once again.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Culinary Critique on Mexican Village Located on Bagley in Detroit

Happy Hump Day everyone!  I hope that the first part of the week has been fantastic for you all.  Just this past Monday, I ventured off to south west Detroit.  For those of us who are aware of the area, I’m pretty sure I don’t’ have to tell you why.  For others who are unaware of the areas reputation, south west Detroit is known for their various Mexican food restaurants. Yes people I’m talking real authentic Mexican Food.

This past Monday, I ended up in the Mexican Village restaurant located on Bagley. Upon entry, I was immediately greeted and guided to my seat.  Fresh spicy homemade salsa was placed on my table with hot tortilla chips to accompany them.  The combination of combined tomatoes, onions, and peppers accented with just the right amount of heat were simply yummy to my tummy. 

Glancing at the menu for approximately five minutes or so, I said to myself, “Adra go for the steak fajitas!”  Just when I was about place my order, I changed my mind and decided on something I most likely would’ve never tried.  As I stated to the waiter, I’ll try the spinach enchiladas with the refried beans and Spanish rice,” I hoped to myself that I was not making a huge mistake.   

Ladies and gentlemen, the only mistake I made was not ordering another of the same dish to take home with me later.  The cheese infused spinach with onions seasoned with Mexican spices was the best enchilada I’d ever tasted.  The rice was fresh and not overcooked. The refried beans were seasoned just right and were not over powered with salt.  To top it all off I was perfectly full off a meatless meal. Even for me that’s hard to believe. Mexican Village definitely gets four star rating from yours truly.  People if you want some great authentic Mexican food I recommend that you try them out for yourselves.    

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Hope That Everyone is Eating Amazing Food and Reading Great Books This Summer of 2014

Hello everyone this great Wednesday July 9th of 2014.  I hope that everyone is doing two of my favorite things to do every summer. There's nothing like a great read and a delicious meal, snack, or dessert to accompany it.

Speaking of great foods, I do  plan to conduct my next culinary critique on some authentic fantastic Mexican food located in south west Detroit.  I'm not sure which restaurant in Mexican Village I will venture off to however, I do indeed plan to keep you posted.

If you are not too busy this Thursday, catch me live on the Cooks & Books Show at 5pm eastern standard time at Each week, I feature a spectacular writer and artist who prepares either one awesome dish or desert for my awesome viewers.   My next book up for review is titled,  Is That What Love is by Carolina Ordonez.  Be on the look out for the review of this book to be posted soon right here on this blog. 

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer day and remember that two of the best things in life are great books and delicious foods. Don't know about you but I refuse to live without them.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Are you a Lady of Influence by Eddrina Clark

There are many books based upon a virtuous woman of God and what she will resemble.  The missing piece of the pie often is what it takes to become her.  I can honestly say this book has no missing pieces.  What I like most about this self-help spiritual read is that author Edrinna Clark’s approach to it all is humane.

Every task worth fighting for on this planet takes work.  This includes being a woman recognized highly in God’s favor.  I enjoyed reading this book.  Through her story, I was able to do some higher order thinking.  I’m not referring to the kind of higher order thinking that’s required in my class room with my students.  The kind of higher order thinking skills I’m referring to are the ones that will allow me to aim higher for God’s approval to foresee my purpose as a woman on this planet.

Clark provides in this book what it takes to become the best woman you can become through God.  The detailed prayers at the end of the chapters enclosed in this book are most helpful. Especially for those who desire to talk and pray to God however who may lack the words to say to him.  For those women finding yourselves lost in a rut, stagnant, or simply unaware of what to do next put Clark’s A Lady of Influence on your list and read it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Down in the Cypress Swamp by Lenderrick Jones

Reading this book in the beginning, I thought to myself,” Adra not another one of those fictional reads with the same plot and different characters.”  This book goes beyond any realistic fiction I've read in a long time. Alex Lacroix, the main character in this story is highly intelligent yet, slightly self centered.  Residing with his mother Sharon Lacroix in Detroit, he like any typical young male being raised by a single mom makes many attempts to manipulate the rules and regulations his mom mandates.

In the story line, Alex is forced to make a very uncomfortable adjustment in another state. This youngster gets a rude awakening making the transition from urban Midwest Detroit kid to Down South young black male.  From having to deal with racial issues, a climate adjustment, and skeletons that seem to keep popping out of the closet related directly to the history of the Lacroix family, this book provides the action that keeps you turning the pages. What I enjoyed about this book the most is that Jones brings the action that keeps you on your toes throughout the entirety of this book. It definitely meets my quota and characteristics of a great summer read.