Friday, August 30, 2013

Know Thyself ( A Journey to Self-Empowerment Tiffany D. Tilley

If you've ever wondered why you are stuck in the same unhappy position, or better yet keep making the exact identical mistakes with different people, this self-help book is for you. In order for individuals to do better we must definitely search within our inner core to do just that. Growth at times can often be uncomfortable, and uneasy. Often, it's not easy to face "you" in the mirror. The good news is that author Tiffany Tilley makes this task a little simpler by providing the tools needed to make the necessary life altering adjustments. Enclosed within this read are very in depth activities necessary for one to obtain the control needed to eliminate barriers of inferiority, and bad choices. In order to weep the full benefits of Tilley's read, I recommend that individuals complete the exercises directly after the completion of each chapter. I've come to find that what I like most about this book is that it's not the type you place back on your library shelf after reading it once. Due to life altering transformations requiring time and work, you can always refer back to the section you require assistance the most in to help you achieve your desired results. I'm a definitely looking forward to Tilley's next book.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Organizing From the Inside out by Julie Morgenstern

Due to the fact that I was never trained on how to sort my belongings, I simply throughout the years implemented a system to my best ability that semi works. Julie Morgenstern in her audio book stated the following which hit directly home with me, "You can not tell if an individual is organized from the appearance of a room. The only way to ever know is to either observe a person's closet or their drawer spaces." Wild...was she ever right. Reading this book made me realize that I am individual whose mastered the concept of "yoyo" organizing. Outer appearance wise,I can make everything look presentable and neat. My problem lies with trying to find or locate a earing or pair of pants for thirty minutes. The suggestions provided on initiating the organization process are simple and easy to implement. I really liked the fact that Morgenstern breaks down reasons as to why we as humans have a problem with ridding ourselves of unnecessary items that create clutter in all of our lives. Reading this book made me realize that organizing takes real time and a true commitment.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Puk Time...Stories & Business Lessons on how to Make it Happen in Myanmar by Jonathan Paul Nichols

Reading this book in the beginning, I felt like a student who was getting a social studies lesson on a third world country. Unfamiliar to the living conditions that were forced upon the people of Myanmar, I instantly became empathetic to their unfortunate everyday way of life. Nichols takes us on his one year journey on his mission to both invest and create a business in a place where the chances for a foreigner are slim to none. Each chapter addresses a specific time frame during his stay. At the end of each chapter, a business lesson is provided. Getting into the meat of this book, I must admit, I did find some of the jokes and Jonathan's since of humor to be a tad bit offensive. Some of the business lessons included in my opinion could apply not only within the country of Myanmar. The lessons could also apply elsewhere. I was pretty impressed with the afterword section. The most valuable lesson I learned from this book is that giving up too soon in the game of business in the country of Myanmar will get you no where. A combination of both business and common sense is required and necessary in a place such at this one where a businessman from another country can be perceived as naïve. Way to go Mr. Nichols.