Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Food Review on Three Blind Mice Irish Pub Located in Mount Clemens Michigan

This past Monday, was another rainy day in Detroit.  Although it wasn’t’ a very cold day, the chill from the air once again had me craving something editable that would keep me full throughout the entirety of my evening.  Deciding on where to go, I ventured out to a place in Mount Clemens Michigan known as the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub.

The décor of this place was somewhat lofty.   Halloween decorations were spread throughout the entirety of the restaurant.  Dressed in Halloween apparel, my waitress greeted me with a glass of water and a menu.Somewhat familiar with “Irish Dishes”, my first instinct was to order their cabbage and corn beef.  Just as I was about to place my order, I had a change of heart and decided on the Shepherd’s pie.

A combination of beef, lamb, and vegetables smothered in brown gravy, the potato’s positioned directly in the center of this pie made for one beautiful presentation.  Although it was plenty enough in my bowl for me to eat, and save some for later, this pie in my opinion definitely required more seasoning.  The meat was tinder however, the potatoes were average.  In my opinion, this dish was too bland and required more flavor. Perhaps in the nearer future, I’ll go back and try their cabbage and corn beef. I’m just not too sure if I’ll be ordering the Shepherd’s pie again.    

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Culinary Critique on Mo Better Blues Located in Detroit.

The chill has hit the air everyone!   When the weather is below 65 degrees, I set my mind on finding the best tasting soups that stick to my bones.   Assuming I would find what I was looking for in a soup and sandwich deli, this particular day, I did not. 

Attending a networking forum at the Mo Better Blues Jazzy Bistro located on Adams Avenue, I took a huge gamble on ordering their homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup.  To my surprise, it was some of the best I had ever tasted.  The mushrooms were fresh.  It was not over seasoned with salt or pepper.  The creamy texture combined with the other herbs made for one great bowl of soup. 

People, if you are ever in the area and in the mood for some hearty delicious soup, stop by the Mo Better Blues Jazzy Bistro and give their Cream of Mushroom Soup a try.   


Monday, October 13, 2014

My Culinary Critique on Thai Orchid Located in Mount Clemens Michigan

Several years ago, an Asian Cuisine hit the American market with one awesome hint of pizazz.  With a blink of an eye, Thai food restaurants, began to expand. This unique cuisine introduced us natives of the USA to a spicy side of food that we can’t seem to get enough of.

Having an appetite for some of this exotic unique food served either mild, medium, or hot, I found myself in Thai Orchid located in Mount Clemens Michigan.  Inside of the restaurant; on the walls are outstanding newspaper review listings and a great rating from Detroit’s own Local 4 Channel News.  Reading the highly rated credentials, I instantly felt that I was in for a real treat.

In a noodle kind of mood, I selected Pad Thai Curry medium.  Combined with eggs, green onions, and bean sprouts, it made for a delectable taste with the curry and crushed peanuts.   As for the lemon that came with the crushed peanuts, I’m so glad that I did not mix it through my entire dish.  The sourness of the fruit integrated with the rest of the ingredients did not meet my approval. With the exception of that small portion incorporated with the lemon, I devoured the rest of my meal and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’m rating my experience at Thai Orchid terrific and  I look forward to paying another visit very soon.  


Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Culinary Critique on Ottava Via Located in Cork Town

To all of the food lovers residing within Detroit or the South East region of Michigan, if you did not get a chance to eat at one of the “Fine Dinning” eatery participants selected for “Detroit Restaurant Week” 2014; you missed out on a great experience.   Presented by Shinola, twenty of Detroit’s top notch eating establishments were selected to present their best cuisine for individuals to indulge and enjoy at an affordable rate. 

Wanting a new experience from a place I’d never dined at, I selected Ottava Via located in Cork Town.  The outside of this beautiful dark bricked building put me in the mind of a scene from Brooklyn New York in the 1950’s. The inside décor is simply superb and resembles one of an outside Italian mini street fair.   The facility is spacious and suitable for either a large dine in party; a family night outing, or romantic first time date.  

Upon entry I was greeted with a pleasant smile by the bartender and server.   Unable to order what was featured on their (DRW) menu due to arriving too early, I decided on a fresh greens salad made with their homemade signature Italian Dressing and vegetarian pizza.  I have had my fair share of decent salads however; I must honestly say that this salad indeed was one of the best I had ever tasted.   I regret the fact that I did not order of bottle of the salad dressing to take home.    

The vegetarian pizza I ordered unfortunately did not meet my standards.  In my mind, prior to ordering it, I envisioned a pizza with a mixture of various Italian cheeses that would come together to compliment the taste of sautéed vegetables on a thin crust brick oven pizza.  This unison or combination of ingredients did not satisfy my taste buds at all.  It put me in the mind of frozen flat bread that could be purchased at any local market.  I do intend to pay another visit in the nearer future.  I am still willing to give their pastas a shot.  After all, a place with a solid reputation such as theirs has got to be able to make some great spaghetti, or tortellini.