Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Night-Breed Cries of Vampira #3

The story line with The Cries of Vampira continue to get more exciting with each part. Night Breed, the third installment of Robertson's series picks up with Queen Grace making funeral arrangements for her husband King George. Not aware of how her brother-in-law Luthias and husband parted ways, she sends Sir Henry to Catacomb City extending an invite to the service. Entirely too busy master minding his own game plan, Luthias declines the offer.

Head over heels for the baby brother of the late King George,Sachari dedicated to the every word of Luthias makes a trip to the DUNALASTAIR CASTLE. Due to secretly removing a script from the castle with the assistance of a friend, she rushes back to Catacomb city. Pleased with Sachari accomplishing her mission, Luthias proceeds with his plan.

Other twist and turns take place in the third installment as well but If I tell anymore I would spoiling the exciting conclusion for other fans of Robertson's work. Looking forward to The Cries of Vampira #4.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Lonely Kid by Makinlee Black

Author Makinlee Black takes us into the life of Jerlle. Like a lot of kids in America today,Jerlle unfortunately is a victim of cruel jokes, and horrible treatment on the daily basis at school. All the poor kid desires to do is to attend school in peace.

Friendless and lonely for so long, Jerlle finally meets Alana. Together as buddies, Alana helps Jerlle realize something very important. I enjoyed this book because it is a teaches a valuable lesson on bullying for children ranging from the ages of six and up. The questions listed at the end of the storyline are great for initiating a discussion on bullying for youngsters as well. I recommend that this book be utilized at bullying seminars and conferences for elementary youngsters everywhere.

Congratulations Authoress MaKinlee Black on your first book

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Smoke Screen by Monique Mensah

Mensah's third book, titled Smoke Screen, brings us up to date with the current status of Simone, her main character from her first book Who is he to you. Simone is all grown up now. Despite of the sexual abuse she endured as a child, she has made some efforts to put her past behind her. Running a nonprofit organization for sexually abused girls, she ensures that the young ladies receive what they need to heal properly from what they all had unfortunately endured. There is one young lady by the name of Payton who recently started receiving services with Simone's agency. Although Simone loves all of the young ladies equally, there's something special about Payton she can't seem to put her finger on.

Jessica, mother of Simone, makes it her business to bond with her daughter with the remaining time she has left over from filming her new reality show. Jessica is on a mission to help her daughter find a good man. Finding a good was the furthest thing from Simone's mind. That was until she met Lawrence.

Other characters from Mensah's first book have resurface as well. Ryan has moved on with her life and has gotten married. Lauren, her best friend is doing great as a Defense Attorney partner for one of the most prestigious firms in Detroit. Together they share a secret that has the power to strengthen or destroy a marriage. Meanwhile, there is a major problem occurring in Detroit. Men keep coming up dead and Detroit's finest is having a challenge trying to figure out who this "Man Eater" is. The ending to Mensah's latest book is wild!