Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Internet Entrepreneur by Mick Moore

Due to the economical status in America, people have and are still losing jobs at drastic rates. Employment terminations have a tendency to usually surface at the wrong time in one’s life.  Finding yourself in a position of not knowing where your next pay check will come from can lead to a severe case of uneasiness and exhaustion.  The stress of it all can lead one on a road straight to depression. 

On the other hand with the correct mindset and the ability to press forward on new ventures such as starting a business; losing a job could indeed be the best thing that could happen to someone.  Moore, the author of this book does exactly that.  Refusing to be defeated due to being fired, he chooses to reinvent the wheel and with the support of his wife launches a successful online business.

Willing to help others who are willing to help themselves; Moore finds himself coaching a family member who endured a very similar experience.   What I enjoyed most about this book is that it demonstrates how one can rise to the occasion despite of a negative circumstance instantly thrown their way. Thanks Mick for sharing your story on the importance of starting over with a winning frame of mind and refusing to not throw in the towel.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Critique on the New Center Eatery in Detroit.

Greeting’s people this great Tuesday!   Several days ago, I was craving a combination of sugar and salt.  Yes…I wanted the best of both worlds.  Thinking of where I could go to satisfy my confused palate, I decided on none other than the New Center Eatery.   Located on 3100 West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, this spot is adjacent to the St. Regis hotel.

Having a reputation for serving up some of the best breakfast platters, they’re known for their famous chicken and waffles.  Entering into the restaurant, I'd succumbed to the aroma of down home cooking taking place.  Feeling as if I had just entered the “breakfast mecca” of them all, I decided to order their signature dish.  

Once my plate hit the table, the rest was history.  I had no doubt in my mind that this place would disappoint.  My waffle was sweet, moist, and very rich.  The chicken was juicy, crispy, and seasoned well.  Leaving this establishment, I was very satisfied and happy about selecting the New Center Eatery to assist me with solving my sugar and salt craving.   For those individuals wanting a good chicken and waffle combination, or any other breakfast item, I suggest you give this establishment a try.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fit & fab for Life by Francyne Walker

It has been stated that the United States is over populated by “Obese People.”   A lot of it has to do with our upbringing.  In the various cultures that make up America, we simply love to eat foods either high in sugar, salt, or both. On top of eating everything high in calories and fat content, we also fail to exercise on the regular basis.  Being the intelligent creatures that we are, we know that the two mixed together can create the recipe for various health elements and unwanted weight gain.

Reading a book on health and diet for the first time, I thought to myself, “easier said than done.”   Why...Because the transformation of good eating habits and exercising on a permanent basis is indeed easier said than done.  Many people, like myself have struggled with the “Battle of the Bulge” for years!  Some people lose optimistically only to unfortunately gain it right back.  What I like about author Francyne Walker is that she is determined to keep the weight off!

There are so many helpful insightful pages of this book that I could go on and on.  Having her as a guest on “The Cooks & Books Show” on Urban Nation Radio, she revealed how she lost over sixty pounds.  Going more into depth about the book, I like the fact that she emphasizes the importance of removing yourself from environments that tempt you to overeat and indulge.

The chapter titled, “What’s up Doc?” in my opinion is one of the most important components of this guide. Everyone should  see their primary physician prior to beginning any fitness routine. Providing before and after pictures of her weight lost accomplishments enclosed in her book, Francyne explains the following in her own words, ”in order for one to reach their desired results, eating appropriately and physical fitness must become a way of one’s life.”  Practicing what she preaches, Author Francine Walker is a positive model of how one can achieved better health and a tonner physique.  If you struggle with weight gain or remaining consistent with a fitness plan, pick this one up today.