Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kuzzo's Chicken & Waffles

With so many new places to eat popping up all over Midtown; one new restaurant on the northwest side opened its doors this past winter of 2015. Located on Livernois, rumor has it that people from all walks of life residing in Detroit are swarming like bees to honey to experience the taste of Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles. 

Owned by Detroit Lion Ron Bartell, I received recommendations from many individuals requesting that I pay a visit. With Social Media playing a big role, and many Detroiters flooding their Insta Gram time lines with the delectable southern cuisine food items; it was indeed time for me to see what the KCW buzz was really all about.  After-all, Detroit’s Mayor Mike Duggan had even approved.

Waiting on the rest of my dinning party to arrive, I used my spare time to peep out the magnificent scenery.  From the picture of the first African American President of the United States smoking a cigarette towards the bar, and the legendary Rap Group Run-DMC displayed on the multi-colored brown and red brick wall towards the dining area, the art work inside of the latest restaurant to make the Avenue of Fashion is most alluring.  The Marilyn Monroe portrait indeed makes a sight for sore eyes and compliments the state-of-the-art gorgeous lofty surroundings.

Anticipating the arrival of our final party member, we were squired to our table by our host and menus were provided with glasses of ice water by our server.  Making up our minds up about what to order was indeed a challenge due to the ongoing stares and pauses made at the “Waffle Combos” and “Southern Comforts” selections passing us back and forth to other dining room guest.  Members of our party decided on the following; the “Bam-Bam” consisting of a fried drumstick, thigh, with waffle choice included, the “Shrimp and Grits” made with scallions and bacon served over cheese grits, and the “Belle Isle Basket” which includes the choice of fried shrimp or catfish filets with a basket of chips. Finally, it was my turn to order and I decided on the red velvet waffle, three wings, and cheese eggs as my side item.  Known as the “Big Red”, this breakfast dish indeed fits true to its title.  I was most pleased with the portions provided.    

The chicken was piping hot, delicious and seasoned to perfection. The red velvet waffle was so rich and sweet that I devoured the majority of it without any syrup.   My eggs were fluffy, moist, and flavorsome.  I was thoroughly satisfied with my meal.  People, if you haven’t given the latest southern breakfast cuisine spot to hit the block of Livernois, it’s a must you give them a try.  You’ll need to exercise some patience and prepare to wait; however, I guarantee it’ll be worth your time.