Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Power of Positive Thinking by Keller L. Coleman IV

Research indicates that one's train of thought as it relates to positive thinking is rare and slim to none. Studies prove the natural response for most enduring a life obstacle handle the occurrence negatively out of habit. One of the steps known world wide today for reshaping this way of thinking is reading "Self Help" books. Some provide positive affirmations while others contain self analysis assessments. The goal of most are written with the intent and purpose to invent a positive climate within one's life and their surroundings. Coach Keller, a literary contributor to this cause, does a great job at providing in his guide what it takes for one to achieve it. Validating that positive thinking is a process not obtained overnight,Coleman states the following,"avoid feelings of weakness, fear, and self doubt." This statement is just one of the many productive steps listed within this book for one desiring to reshape their total train of thought. Job well done Coleman.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The art of Reinventing you...Ignite your Imagination by Versandra Kennebrew

Although this book would fall under the catergory of a "short read", the words send a very strong and tall message. Providing her own testament of how she made the conscious effort to transform her life, Kennebrew provides in four catergories advice on how to get the wheels of one's mind winding for the greater cause of positive and productive change. From sharing advice on why one should meditate, to addressing the importance of seeing a vison of what you want to accomplish in life, this book provides what it takes to get person needing that extra push the ingredients to get it going.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Click by George C. Fraser

If you think you understand networking and what it's truly all about, most likely, you probably don't and will not until you read this book. Fraser in his latest contribution to the literary world indicates that accomplishing your goals as a business person goes beyond trying to build a company or corporation simply to become rich. Indicating that his network, FraserNet connects with over 35,000 people, George states that in order for one to become successful in business that he must go beyond thinking about how they and they alone will benefit. Click provides ten effective principles that not only provide astounding advice on how to build solid lasting networking relationships,it also provides advice on personal character building. From learning how important it is to give one your undivided attention by fully listening as it pertains to business, to understanding how to address or talk to someone while under stress, Click is a guide that requires one to mentally stretch, and think beyond their rounds. This book is not just another guide that teaches one how to be a temporary entrepreneur. Click provides the advice that promotes one to balance as a human so that both business,and networking synchronize for the greater goal of permanent success.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Confident Woman: How to Boost Self-Esteem and Happiness for Everyday Women...Kindle Edition

The Confident Woman. Most of us will likely find ourselves on a permanent mission to become this lady.  Only to discover that what we classify in our minds as confident is usually based upon external factors. The end result is that low self esteem issues pertaining to women go unresolved due to not understanding what it takes to both have and maintain high self esteem. Ordonez in less than 100 pages provides what it takes to build confidence and keep it. My favorite excerpt from the book comes from chapter three. Carolina states the following, "External factors do not provide true love, happiness,or self esteem. True happiness and love is within yourself,not outside." I really enjoyed the "Ten Personal Things to Improve Self Esteem" activity. Reading this book made me do a close examination of the following; What's taking place in my life right now?, Why do the same external situations keep re-occurring?,and Why it's important to keep "anti-esteem" at a low. This is a book that every woman should read sometime in their lifetime.