Monday, October 12, 2015

Pasta Bowl in Detroit

Restaurants in Midtown and Downtown Detroit are popping up so fast even I can barely seem to keep up.  Having absolutely no complaints about seeking and looking for the latest new and authentic cuisine’s to try, the word had gotten out  about a new restaurant located on West McNichols cooking and serving up savory delicious food choices with one heck of an outside of-the-box theme.
Opening this past summer of 2014, the place I'm referring to is known for downhome cooking however, not soul food.  Dispelling the myth that African American chefs are only masters of soul food cuisine, Detroit's Pasta Bowl has proven to the city that this indeed is not the case. Specializing in Italian food, all of their authentic features are made with the freshest ingredients.   From the selected entrees made with either cream sauces or fresh tomato marinara, all are filled with flavor yet none are made nor prepared with salt.

Having a love and strong passion for family and friends, every title of each Italian dish is named after a person the owners admire and highly look up to.  Known as "Little Italy in the Hood", their infamous spinach and seafood selection made with a cream sauce is to die for.  I personally can’t seem to get enough of the "Spaghetti Sandwich".  Made with multiple layers of garlic bread, spaghetti, and cheese, this choice on the menu indeed brings out the inner child in me. For those as of yet who've not patronized Pasta Bowl in Detroit, be sure to do so. I guarantee you'll leave one happy camper.