Sunday, July 24, 2011

Taylor's Word on DEBT by Michelle Taylor

In life we all make good and bad choices when it comes to our finances. Michelle Taylor's testament and real life story is truly just that. Adjusting from once having it all and losing it all, Michelle explains in detail both the effects of debt and the stress that comes with having this horrible monster on your back. Despite the fact that there are many reasons why individuals find themselves in financial turmoil, I appreciate how Ms Taylor reveals the main reason simply being the overall mismanagement of funds.

For just about every problem in life, there is also a solution. The simple "Take Action" steps listed in this book can work for anyone whether your in a little or some major financial trouble. The various scenarios enclosed within this read were also a plus. I enjoyed them because it allows the reader to both utilize the situations and to seriously think about what they would do if they were in the same predicament. Lastly, I sincerely appreciated the fact that this book not only educates you on how to stay out of debt, it tells you the importance of putting God first in your major financial decision making. Way to go Michell Taylor!