Monday, April 18, 2011

Girl Let Me Tell You By Lauren Lake

Prior to reading this book, I thought to myself,is it going to be another one of those guides that would suggest you transform yourself as a single woman in order to get a great guy in your life. Girl Let Me Tell You, is not one of those books. In-fact, this easy read makes so much sense. Single women nationwide are feeling that they have to compete with one another, dummy down, and over compromise due to quote on quote statistical shortage of "good men." Being a relationship expert, Lauren came just in time with this one! Writing this book prior to her getting married, she shares here experiences as single woman and letters from unmarried women all over the country who simply wanted advise on what choices to make in regards to the men in their lives. The questions from the women and the responses provided by Lauren were so factual and real that even the most powerful and successful single woman in today's time could find herself identifying with the scenarios presented within this book. The situations really hit home with me. It was almost as if Ms. Lake and all of the unmarried women whose questions were addressed within her book were in my apartment sitting down, and conversing on what decisions to make. My favorite section in the book is, A Watched Pot Never Boils. Ms. Lake states the following: Too many women are waiting around for a man to come into their lives and complete them. They aren't living up to their fullest potential because they're too worried they'll miss something... or someone for that matter.""" There are so many things in life to focus on in life like family, friendships, spirituality, service, purpose, and passion. I want to personally thank Lauren for writing this book. It reassured me that there is nothing wrong with me at all. I just need to keep my eyes on the prize and never allow myself to never sit still enough to watch a pot boil.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Adventures of Princess Zaria By Cheryl Lynn Pope

The adventure of Princess Zaria is a great read for all little girls to have. Unaware of the meaning of her name Zaria, the main character of this story is sent on a quest by her mother and father. As she goes on her quest to find the perfect accessories and jewelry to go into a tiara, she discovers a secret that both her mother and father knew all along.
This book would make a perfect gift to all little girls for self esteem purposes. It would make the perfect gifts for anyone having a "Girls Party" I recommend it to anyone that has daughter, niece, or Goddaughter. This book would serve as a great reassurance guide for any young lady unaware of the fact that every little girl is a princess.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Download The Everyday Living of Children And Teens Monologues Free Of Charge On Good Reads

Hello Good People,
Just letting everyone know that you can download my first book The Everyday Living of Children and Teens Monologues free of charge on Good Reads. Just click on the link below and enjoy. Spread the word everyone.

My third book The Misfits is coming the Fall of 2011.

In The Nick Of Time By Lasonya Jones-Lamine

It seems as if poor Nicole "Nick" Lewis, the main character in this story was dealt a bad hand from the start. Unaware of who her father was and dealing with a mother like Isis that put every and anything before her daughter, this young lady made poor choices as a youngster due to not having the guidance, direction, and simply the love all youngsters require and need in life to make it.

Despite of the toxic relationship she had with her abusive boyfriend Mike, dealing with Harrold, her mothers boyfriend who uses their house as a revolving door every time he's released from prison,and her mother placing even more distance between their relationship which resulted to Nicole moving further and further away from her life, her high school friend, Jeniffer and her mother were the only one's in this young ladies corner.

This was until with the assistance of Jeniffer that Nick found her biological father Papa G. Establishing a relationship with Papa G was a good thing for Nick. In this short period of time, they both were able from their own individual perspectives to grasp and appreciate the true meaning of a father and daughters love.

There are many more great twist and turns in this novel. From Crystal, Darron, and Victor entering the story, to the amazing surprise at the end, In the Nick of Time covers it all. I just wish the story line involved more of Jennifer and her mother. But some reason, I just have a feeling that we will hear more about them in In the Nick of Times 2 which is coming soon. Great job on your first book Ms. LaSonya Jones-Lamine.

Thank God For The Homeless Shelter By Versandra Kennebrew

Self help books come and go. In my opinion some leave you thinking differently and others don't. I have read everything from Rich Dad Poor Dad,to The Secret. Both of these books encouraged me to grow.

I would've never thought that a memoir pertaining to woman overcoming homelessness could make me see my dreams in such a full light.
Reading this book made me feel like I could achieve anything in life I've ever wanted and dreamed of.

Author Versandra Kennebrew takes us on Journey into her world revealing the occurrences that took place in her life while residing in a shelter. Through her faith in God, she conquered the situation which prevented her from becoming a victim of circumstance. A situation like this could easily justify a nervous breakdown. Despite of mental illness running in Kennebrew's family, she did not falter. She took the opportunity with patience,time,and a plan to grow and to become the person she'd always dreamed and envisioned.

I not only recommend this book to individuals experiencing homelessness at the present time, I also encourage people who have not been homeless to read this book as well. Allow Thank God for the Homeless Shelter to assist you at times when you are feeling low or experiencing sporadic moments of self pity. Use the creative exercises and affirmations to take a self analysis of yourself. Utilize this book as I did to grow. More importantly implement this book to help you see how anyone can transform their life into something great. Well done Kennebrew.