Monday, December 21, 2015

LIQ-TROCITY by Cheraee. C

They say that everyone in life has a story and main character Chisel Simmons indeed does. From once being "the man" due to playing basketball overseas; to having the looks that any woman would kill over just to be in his acquaintance, this guy from anyone's peripheral vision seem to have it all.

Unfortunately in life, things can change in an instant.   After enduring a severe physical injury during a game, the life he once knew was gone. Unable to cope with his misfortune appropriately, Chisel accrued bad habits which resulted to his life taking a downward spiral.

To make matters worse, Simmons was indeed in a dead end marriage to a woman he despised. They say in life, we as humans unintentionally select our mates based upon what we see or are exposed to as children. Due to having an estranged relationship with his mother which consisted of a lot of verbal abuse, Chisel for the most part, did not trust women and visualized them all as sexual objects. Physically his wife, Haze Hilton, met his expectations. Sadly she and his mom possessed similar characteristics and traits.

As the plot unfolds, I'd come to find, that these two as a couple combined are the love recipe for disaster who I deem responsible  for the capital "S" in front of the word scandal.  To the continuous lying to one another and constant back and forth tactics of betrayal, the conclusion of this book will leave your mouth agape for a minimum of a week.  Excellent job authoress Cheraee C. on teaching us all what not to look for in a mate.