Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Punch Bowl Social on Broadway Downtown Detroit

Summertime in Detroit is always amazing.  With all of the positive transitioning taking place, downtown is definitely the place to network, mingle, socialize and yes of course, eat.  Several weeks ago, I along with friend of mind decided to try out one of the latest entertainment and food places to open its doors the later part of 2014.

Parking my vehicle on Broadway, I could not help but to admire the setup, structure, and architecture of one of Detroit’s new arrivals. For a moment, I thought I was downtown Chicago. The elevated windows allowed everyone to feel the summer breeze blown inward.  People had the choice to either eat inside or out on the patio while listening to the music being played inside.  Tables were reserved for birthday celebrations, friends and family gatherings, and of course dinner dates.   Who would’ve thought that all of this excitement would be taking happening at a place that provides bowling?  I am here to tell you that indeed it was.

Entering the Punch Bowl Social, I personally couldn’t help but to smile. The scenery and positive vibes upon arrival were both indeed contagious. Ordering a cocktail at the bar; I requested to be seated outside to soak up some of the gorgeous weather. Our waiter, a very fun and energetic individual, escorted us outside to the patio area.  For an appetizer, we started off with the Sweet Cilantro Wings.   Although the aroma of the chicken was mouthwatering, it was indeed deceiving.  I was most disappointed with the bland flavor and taste.  Even with additional sauce requested, it did not help much.

Thinking to myself “who could possibly mess up chicken,” I moved on to my next food choice under the “Share Plates” selection.   Deciding to take a categorical risk, I ordered the “Cauliflower Nachos.”  Having tried my fair share of various nachos with unique toppings in the past; this feature consisted of cilantro, crema queso fondito, a choice of chicken and pork, and of course cauliflower.   Assuming I had made another bad choice, I was wrong.  The combination of cauliflower, chicken, and creama queso was indeed a huge hit.  The flavor of the cilantro gave this dish exactly what it needed to meet my approval.   I was most pleased with this selection and would indeed order it again.

 People if you haven’t’ paid the Punch Bowl Social a visit, what are you waiting for?  Even if you don’t’ bowl, get on down there and enjoy yourselves before the hot season comes to an end.