Monday, May 27, 2013

I Declare by Joel Osteen

An avid fan of Joel Osteen books, this literary read was given to me this past November for my birthday. I had no idea the following January that I'd be referred by my physician to have surgery. There were several challenges I edured during the procedure. From losing blood-to being operated on for over eight hours,the outcome of it all was not what I nor my doctor anticipated. Enduring a lot of pain, I somehow managed enough will and determination to start reading this book. There were some nights where I was just in too much agony to do anything except take my pain medication and go back to sleep. My body was so sore that I had to turn myself in multiple positions just to maybe get three to four hours of rest only to awaken when the pain was once again all too much. Fear as well as frustration did begin to set in because I had never been operated on before. My body in my opinion was not healing fast enough to my expectations. Day 26 in the book states the following, "It takes the same amount of energy to believe as it does to worry. Use your energy to believe." These five little words help me both to see and realize that a positive disposition is the best one to have at all times. Even during your most difficult times. This Wednesday makes the sixth week of my recovery process. I am speaking over my mountains because I know and believe that I am getting better every day. Adra Young Author of: The Everyday Living of Children & Teens Monologues Series

The Secrets to Ebook publishing Success by Mark Coker Founder of Smashwords!!

Every time I read one of Coker's books, I feel as if I'm taking one of my favorite college prerequisite's courses once again. The Secrets to Ebook publishing is the kind of read that keeps indie authors such as myself having continuous "Aha Moments." From sharing the best way to sell your books, or the reason why your e-book may simply not be having any success at all, this book is great for all authors simply to trying to raise the bar revenue wise. I liked the fact that there were some secrets I already had knowledge on. On the other hand, I loved the fact that there were a lot of secrets listed that I simply were not aware of. The information provided allows me now to look upon the e-books that I write from a wide range of various angles. The e-book terminology towards the end of the book comes in very handy as well. More importantly, Coker chooses to provide all this priceless information for free to any author who's simply interested at getting better at their craft. Thanks again Coker.