Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bully a Bully With Love by Nkiyasi Helm

Due to the incidences and worldwide bullying occurrences, I have read and viewed a fair amount of “Bully Books.”  Due to the popularity of this epidemic, just about everyone is reading on the subject matter.  Whether its cyber, school, or work related, there’s a book or guide available for anyone desiring more education on this issue.    

 What I love about Teenage Author Nkiyasi Helm’s book in particular is that the title itself directly serves as one solution to this ever so cruel issue.  Grace, the main character of this book is a young courageous lady who decides to take a stand against bullying while at the same time digs deeper by attempting to discover the root of why “Big Bertha” does the mean and evil things she does to everyone.

I love this book because it teaches a lesson beyond bullying and it provides some questions to think about for the readers at the end of the story.  The book is easy to read and I recommend it for all kids ranging from the ages of 5 and up.  Great job on this one Nkiyasi.  I look forward to reading your other books in the nearer future.  For information on Nkiyasi Helm, log on to

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My culinary critique on the Woodward Avenue Brewers Located in Ferndale Michigan

Leaving my knee specialist in Farmington today, I decided to see what was cooking up in Ferndale Michigan for Restaurant Week.  Driving down Woodward, I selected a place with a lofty appeal titled, the Woodward Avenue Brewers.   Enticed by the aroma of the place immediately upon entry, it put me in the mind of a Hippies CafĂ© from back in the day. 

Dinning in solo, I decided to sit at the bar and select the daily feature.  The “Remix Salad,” a combination of fresh strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and red onions with homemade raspberry vinaigrette was amazing. This salad starter got me ready for a pizza with various topping even I would’ve ever thought to put on one.

This particular pizza I ordered was topped with beef brisket shavings, mushrooms, feta cheese, and French fries.  Talking about something unique, I would’ve never thought to put potatoes on a pizza pie.  I must admit I was bit skeptical at first until my first bite.  The ingredients combined together made for a very savory pie.       

For all Michigander’s attending Restaurant week in Ferndale, stop by Woodward Avenue Brewers on Woodward and give them a try.  I got a chance to meet Culinary Artist Courtney Witter today and I look forward to our interview on the Cooks and Books Show towards the later part of May on Urban Nation Radio.  

Monday, April 21, 2014

Between the Cradle and the Grave by Firoz Khan

In life one may endure one tragedy after another for a period of time.  A great thing about enduring obstacles in life is that usually, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.   Muhammad, the main character in this book was unfortunately birthed into a series of unfortunate situations.  

Mama, Muhammad’s caregiver, faced  personal challenges in life as well. What I loved about Mama’s character is that despite his situation he refuses to let it get in the way of taking care of both himself and Muhammad.   The actual plot reads as a movie.  In-fact, it put me in the mind of Tom Hanks “ Cast Away” with a few twist.  Although the book is realistic fiction, it possesses so many qualities of a nonfictional real life read. 
After completing this book, two things immediately came into mind. First, it is always important to practice gratitude on the daily basis.  Lastly it’s important no matter what your circumstances are in life to live it to the fullest.    I recommend this book for anyone having a “self-pity “moment.    I guarantee after completing this book one will start to immediately count their blessings.     


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Here’s my Review on McDuffie’s All About Puberty: What Every Pre-Teen and Teenage girl should know.

As a young lady making the transformation from girl to teenager, I was blessed to have both a mom and aunts explain to me some of the changes my body would take me through. I’ve come to find that in most cases these type of conversations rarely take place home or not at all. A lot of young females today are faced with figuring out the “puberty phase” on their own.   
Deciding to pose the topic to women with daughters, as it turns out, some had had the “puberty talk” with their girls yet; there were others who found the topic too sensitive to address.   The reality is that in life, some moms might have that “puberty talk’ while others will choose to not.  Sadly, many young ladies on this planet will never have that person to talk to about this vital phase of their lives.   This is why books such as this one are needed now more than ever.    McDuffie does an excellent job at breaking down the various phases of “female puberty” along with the signs and indicators to look for. 

To be honest, there were some things that I learned from this book that I myself as an adult female was simply unaware off. Thanks to this read, I now know the correct way to measure for a true bra cup size.   For those parents just too shy or afraid to have that “puberty talk” with your daughter,  get a copy of McDuffie’s book and let it do all the explaining for you.  For those moms that have already addressed this topic with your girls…grab the book anyway.  Due to the female body being so complicated, there may be something enclosed in McDuffie’s book that you unintentionally failed to share or address relating to puberty.