Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Critique on Andiamo's in Michigan

Appreciating the extended weekend, this past Tuesday I had the fever for the flavor of Italian.  On a mission to curve my pasta appetite, I found myself meeting a friend for Happy Hour at Andiamo’s on Mack Avenue located in Grosse Pointe Woods.  For those of you who have been there, the atmosphere is cozy and very welcoming.  Upon entry, you are immediately hit with the the sound of Italian music playing.

Normally, I’d go for a ravioli or fettuccine dish. Today, I was feeling daring and ordered something I’d never tasted before.  After completing my salad with homemade Italian dressing, I decided upon the Stuffed Spinach Manicotti. Informed by Mary, our most gracious server and bar tender that I could substitute the recipe’s marina with their infamous Alfredo sauce, I jumped for joy and told her to place my order.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was so glad that I decided on the Alfredo Sauce.  This dish was absolutely amazing.  In-fact, it was so good that my friend almost switched her order to what I was having.  Keep in mind people that it was made without any meat. Yes people, after completing my meal, I was actually full and very satisfied.  I’m giving in Andiamo’s four stars.  If you are ever in the mood for some real Italian, give them a try.

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