Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vernon the Vegetable Man by Yvelette Stines

Nationally, studies indicate that Americans now have some of the worse eating habits.  More importantly the habits have been passed down to our youth.  As a child, I remember us all having recess after lunch.  All of the children played outside in the neighborhood until the street lights turned on.

Those were the days.  Author Yvelette Stines, in her latest children’s literature book, Vernon the Vegetable Man, takes us back to a time when fresh produce businesses were indeed affluent within local communities.  Marvin the main character in this story, with the help of Vernon, the owner of a fruits and vegetable truck, helps the young man realize and discover several very important life lessons.      

What I enjoyed about the book the most is that due to the help from a prominent community businessmen, Marvin learns the true benefits of eating and selecting healthy food choices.  I recommend this book for any elementary teacher wanting to emphasize the importance of a healthy diet.  Parents with youngsters desiring to enlighten their offspring about the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables for the sake of nutritional values this book is definitely the one to have.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Here's my Food Review on Mert's Heart and Soul in Charlotte North Carolina

Just last week I ventured off to Charlotte North Carolina.  The City is beautiful and filled with amazing things to see and do.  Of course everyone knows what I set my heart out to do.  Eat! On several occasions, I’d heard the Reverend Al Sharpton talk about this soul food restaurant named Mert’ s Heart and Soul.  Continuously bragging about their famous cornbread, that supposedly taste like cake, I had to see for myself if this restaurant knew what they were doing.

As it turns out, the Reverend was indeed correct. The cornbread was out of this world.  Other items were just as scrumptious however, what stuck out in my mind even after a week, were their egg rolls.  People, I’m not talking about just any egg roll here.  I’m taking about “Soul Rolls.” Thinking outside of the box that made for one amazing appetizer, the inside of these babies consist of black eyed peas, rice, collard greens, and diced chicken breast.  Served with a spicy honey mustard sauce, as I took my first bite, I thought to myself how awesome the combination was.

Michiganders, if you ever make your way towards Charlotte, stop by Mert’s Heart and Soul. Before you order an entrĂ©e, it’s a must you order their “Soul Rolls.”  Like the Maxwell House coffee commercial, they are definitely good to the last drop.      

30 Day Notice by Kai Mann

Being true to oneself is one thing.  Being true to oneself knowing that due to your lifestyle, you will most likely be shunned is another?   Kori, the main character of this story, takes us on a journey during the most difficult times of her life.  As we all know, a broken heart can take some time to heal. Suffering from the norm that comes with getting past an ex-lover, Layla definitely lays something on Kori that she finds very challenging to shake off.   

While listing and making solid plans to get herself out of the financial rut she created over a five year span while in a relationship with Layla, she soon discovers that starting over from ground zero is not always easy as it looks on paper.  In the process of making her dreams come to life, she’s bombarded with ongoing multiple struggles that hinder her from crossing the finish line of success.

On a mission to stop at no cost until her goal of completing first book was finalized, she flashes back in time to her childhood. Sadly, painful memories still laid dormant inside of her due to never appropriately dealing with tragic occurrences that took place in her life as a kid.   From friends revealing their true selves, to new relationships and the possibilities of what it may entail, this book brings elation throughout its entirety.  Job well done Kai Mann!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Food Review on Michigo Pizza Located in Ferndale Michigan

A true lover of pizza, my mission to find a restaurant serving good Chicago Style deep dish pizza became a difficult task.  In-fact, it became the reason why I made the transition to simply eating thin crust pizza.  Forced  by my taste buds to do so, my desire for the  famous deep dish pizza came to a end due to pizzeria’s  not cooking the crust all the way through and the blend of the toppings inside of the pizza lacking an authentic taste.

Taking a risk on a recommendation provided to me by a friend, I decided to give Michigo Pizza located on 9 Mile in Ferndale Michigan a try.  Selecting their deep dish Chicago Style veggie, I stated to myself, “if this pie tastes terrible, I will never order another deep dish pizza ever again!”  To my surprise, my negative assumptions were inaccurate.

The crust was done and had a buttery tasting texture.  The pizza sauce was amazing and complemented the sun-dried tomatoes swell and the mushrooms were fresh… not canned!  This pizza was so delicious that the only thing missing from it all was a bottle of red wine.  Thank you Michigo Pizza of Ferndale Michigan.  Thanks to you the love affair for me and deep dish pizza are now back on.  I’m giving this pizza joint a four star ranking and highly recommend everyone give them a try.    

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie

There are books that give guidance on how to deal with life’s trials and tribulations and then there’s The Language of Letting Go!  Never in all of my years have I read a guide that focused upon every aspect of what a human may endure.  Often, our obstacles are invited by our inner energy which in return, sends them to us.  Unfortunately, some are not invited potentially.

Despite of how they come, dealing with painful circumstances inappropriately or, simply choosing not to deal with them ever solves anything.  What I love about this book is that it correctly states what should be done to get over the agony and mental suffering of a situation and getting past it in a healthy manner.  Eager to get over a hurtful occurrence, we as humans may find ourselves backsliding. Aware of the fact that everyone’s time frame for healing varies, Beattie in her book addresses the impulse of backsliding, why it occurs, and how to get back on the right track.

Although this read was wrote over fourteen years ago, everything enclosed inside is still very essential, and greatly needed for getting over whatever continues to hinder you from living a harmonious life.        

Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Food Review on They Say's Located in Detroit on Joseph Capmpu

Isn’t it amazing how the weather dropped to 30 degrees this past Friday evening?  I guess Michiganders really have no room for complaining. After-all, the month of October was indeed very good to us.  Since we are finally experiencing some real fall weather,many of us are on the lookout for some food that will warm our insides up.   

At They Say’s restaurant and bar located on Joseph Campau in Detroit, they feature a unique bowl of hardiness on their menu titled, “The Chicken Pot Pie Soup.”  Made with just about everything a pot pie consists of; the only difference is that the shell or crust covers only the top.  Consisting of chicken, white-gravy, and vegetables, this soup makes for one great meal.

Not lacking any flavor at all, it definitely gets a plus in my opinion. Whether I’m dinning in, or placing a to go order, I most definitely will order it again.  People, if you’re in the mood for some authentic soup with a dynamic flavor, stop on by They Say’s in Detroit and try their “Chicken Pot Pie Soup.”