Monday, August 22, 2011

The Cries of Vampira: Bloodlines (The Cries Of Vampira, #2)

Action pack from the beginning to the end, Roberts brings us even more action than he did with The Horror of Gaad Grey. Not only does Roberts proceed this action sci-fi thriller back where he left off in one, he takes us back on a journey which allows us to see sibling rivalry between vamparian brothers and the jealousy that a sister had been holding in her heart for years be revealed.

Kolbe, the male triplet of King George and Queen Grace has mentally and physically prepared himself with the assistance of Maris for battle. On a mission to rescue his sisters Kristin, and Kylie from Gaad Grey's guards, he discovers a very tragic scene on the way. Although I hated to see terrible things that Queen Grace endured, I can only hope that in part three Kolbe will be able to get to Kristin restored back to health before it's too late.

Crack Volume 2 By Shaka Senghor

Damu is back everyone however, he's back on a different level. Due to loosing his soul mate,and realizing that life has more to offer than brothers taking brothers out due to the drug game in Detroit, he decides to venture off into the music business. Happy in the investment that he has made in his new rising recording artist Microphonics, drama takes place at Damu's music studio which results to him having to make some serious decisions. Just when Damu thought he was out of the game, it calls him right back.

Meanwhile, Detective Jensen and Dr Brooks relationship has evolved. Eager to return back to work, Detective Jensen is offered a very special and unique assignment that he decides to accept. New characters that enter the story line such as Warden Billups, Universal Law,and Scrap Metal keep the action going forcing the reader to read the book through out it's entirety.