Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Forgiveness 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything

This year of 2014 sent me on a “literacy path” deemed necessary for my personal growth in multiple ways.  From increasing confidence; to the transformation of my mindset on a mission to understand my place as a human on this planet, I made it my goal to indulge in meaningful insightful text.  As I completed each one, I felt a sense of accomplishment knowing that the author had indeed achieved their purpose.

Understanding the views and the “Big” message being conveyed from this genre of books always came easy for me.  Having the necessary solutions to rid me of the multiple inner conflicts within myself was another. Unfortunately, I’d find myself feeling temporarily optimistic about breaking free from inner baggage and back to my regulated routine within weeks.  The problem with this is that I was not getting anywhere. As I think about it all, the first thing that comes to mind is the “hamster in the running wheel concept.”

Uploading this book on my kindle, I stated to myself, “What will make this one different from any of the others I’ve previously read?”  That was until I read it. In the bible, it clearly states that faiths without works are dead.  In the intro of her series on the OWN Network, Vanzant clearly states that personal “life work” was required for her to become her best self. Ladies and gentlemen, this book provides the templates necessary for you to conduct the “life work” necessary for letting go and truly forgiving.  Reading each section, I realized why she offered the “Forgiveness Series” on line.
People this is not another one of those self-help guides where you take notes and move on with your day trying to figure out how to shift and release your inner toxic captives.  The mandated assignments enclosed requiring effort, time, and repetitive practice indeed provide what is really required from the inside out to wholeheartedly forgive.  Realizing now that the act of forgiving is not an overnight process, I thank you Iyanla for providing the real template on how to get it done.

For individuals sincere about the process of exonerating in order to have an enjoyable and fuller life, pick this one up at your book store or upload it tablet or reading device.  This coming New Year, make it a 2015 resolution to not only forgive; learn what’s required by a renowned expert on what personal actions are necessary to see it through.     

Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Last Food Review of the Year...Hands Down...Detroit Wright & Company Receives my 2014 Best New Restaurant Nomination

As the year of 2014 comes to a rapid close, I felt obligated to provide one more food review before the New Year.  Unlike the others, this one is somewhat unique.  In the heart of Downtown Detroit pass the YMCA on Broadway; to the direct right of it, you’ll see an alley with graffiti on the walls. Zipping down this narrow road in a hurriedly fashion, you’ll miss this chic and newly opened fine dining establishment slightly passed the airbrushed blocks.  Dare to look up and you’ll witness chefs in the window preparing the finest of works of arts. The establishment I’m referring to is none other than the Wright and Company located at 1500 Woodward.

Taking the elevator up to this eatery, my mouth dropped wide open to the extravagance of it all.  The décor of this place; short of nothing but superb.  Ending up here on a limb, I saw a photograph of their potato chips. Deciding they were a “must have” bathed in melted cheese, scallions, and tomatoes infused with homemade oil, this “spud dish” for a limited time satisfied my palate long enough for my next anticipated arrival.

As the server placed my main dish on the table, I stated to myself “yes!” due to the presentation of their “TunaTarte.” Crafted from a combination of Spicy Mayonnaise, Crispy Wontons, and Sweet Soy, ladies and gentlemen, this was no ordinary piece of fish.  Gone within ten minutes flat, I was most satisfied with this sultry selection.  I’m giving Detroit’s Wright & Company a four out of four stars and the 2014 nomination title of Detroit’s Best new restaurant.
It’s been a great year serving as one of Detroit’s “go-to” persons for dinning and food reviews.  I look forward to bringing you even more exciting critiques the year of 2015.   

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My International Food Review on Keg Steakhouse & Bar Located in Windsor

This year for my birthday, I really wanted a dinner party.  Not just any dinner party, an international food party with some of my closest friends to celebrate with. Residing in Michigan and knowing that my birthday fell on a working weekday this year, I decided on the closes country to Detroit.  Yes everyone, I selected Windsor.

Conducting some serious research on restaurants that served and had an excellent reputation for steak, I choose Keg Steakhouse. Located approximately just five minutes away from Ouellette Street after passing through the Detroit/Canada tunnel, this place is very easy to find.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the server.   Mesmerized by the luxurious fire place located in the direct front, the hostess took us to our seats.    People I can’t even begin to tell you about the awesome selection of appetizers they had to choose from.  All I remember is that we ordered at least four of them from the menu and they were all indeed favorable.

Out of everything I ate this night, nothing could compare to the steak I ordered.  If I hadn’t known better, I’d suspect that this Filet Mignon was injected with butter prior to preparation.  This medium well cooked beef was dynamic in every way.  Tender, succulent, and savory, are just a few words that I can use to describe it.  My potato was absolutely yummy and the butter that accompanied it was most tasty. 

Hands down people, Kegs in my opinion makes the best steak period.  Do yourselves a favor everyone.  Get a passport, or enhanced licensed and give Kegs a try.  I guarantee you’ll make another visit after the first.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Survive...Live...or...Thrive by L. Lynn Gillard

A lover of self-help books, I love the attempt the author makes when trying to convey the reader to make certain moves to accomplish success.   Some provide activities and reflection pages.  Others may come off as a minister while doing their best to coach you into achieving success.Just recently, I started listening to audio books.  With only three currently on my “audible list,” some require more time and even days to get through the entirety of an author’s “vocal book.”  One inparticular that I willing completed in less than two days was Survive…Live…or Thrive.

Author L. Lynn Gillard in my opinion is everyday people.  Her word choice was indeed comprehendible.  Not using a lot words that would require a dictionary for one to understand, the delivery of her message is indeed simple, and to the point.  What I enjoyed the most about this audio was how she provided insight on what individuals should do in order to get going in the right direction. For example something as simple as creating a “written plan.”

I whole heartedly respected the fact that she placed emphasis on creating residual income. In today’s world with the ups and downs of jobs no longer providing stability, this fact provided by this author let me know that she certainly knows what she’s talking about.      

If you’re like me; an avid reader getting into audio books, add Survive…Live…or Thrive to your collection today.  It’s one that you will enjoy listening and learning from at the same time.

Monday, December 15, 2014

My Food Review on Cafe Muse Located in Royal Oak Michigan

I slept in another Sunday everyone.  The beauty rest was so needed however, when I got the wakeup call for brunch, I eagerly got up and put myself together. On another mission for some delicious affordable breakfast items available in the midday, I along with my friend ended up at the Café Muse located in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Approximately thirty minutes late for our reservation, I was happy that the hostess did not draw a line through my name.  She greeted us with the smile, and guided us to our spacious and comfy seating area.  Our waiter was most gracious.  Pouring our water as she handed us our menus, I could tell it was going to be difficult to make a choice on so many delectable selections to choose from.

After ten minutes of our server coming back and forth to our table, I decided on the scrambled eggs with mushrooms made with a garlicky cream cheese, potato’s, and grilled chicken apple sausage. The eggs absolutely melted in my mouth. The mushrooms with the garlicky cheese conjoined together created a harmonious flavor like none I had ever tasted.   The whole white potatoes were scrumptious and sausage was the first to go. 

Everyone at this place seemed to be so happy about being employed there.  My experience was awesome and my rating for the Café Muse located on South Washington Ave in Royal Oak is four out of five stars.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

You Can, You Will: 8 Undeniable Qualities of a Winner (Audio Version)

Osteen has a solid reputation for feeding one's spirit on empty and getting it back to where it's needed. Appreciating the fact that his latest message was free via audio version, I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson he conveyed. The eight steps and solid advice provided was just what the doctor ordered for anyone trying to make breakthroughs in 2015.

Some of the best highlights in this book are enclosed in chapter three. In-fact, I went back and replayed this chapter at least three times. We can always count on this man, as Dr Phil would say, to continuously assist
individuals with getting excited about life and every good thing it has to offer.

Monday, December 8, 2014

My Food Review on D'Amato's Located in Royal Oak Michigan

I'm not sure about everyone else however, on the weekends; I  like to sleep in  a little later than usual.  Upon awakening, and getting myself together, I'm looking for restaurants that provide  delicious food selections for brunch.  This particular Sunday, I ended up in  D'Amato's located in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Highly impressed with the atmosphere and music playing upon entry, I selected the Eggs Benedict topped with salmon along a side of potato's. Taking the adventurous route this afternoon, I had no idea what I was preparing my taste buds for.  The smoked salmon with the eggs made for one great combination. My potato's were moist; not over powered by salt. The mixed in caramelized onions made for a real treat.  The presentation was astounding and my entire meal was quite enjoyable.

For individuals who sleep a little longer on the weekends wanting breakfast in the middle of the day, give D'Amato's in Royal Oak a try.