Sunday, February 22, 2015

Maccabees in Midtown Detroit

The venue food choices in Midtown Detroit are definitely taking a turn for the better.  Great places to dine are indeed showing up and showing out.  One new place in particular is Maccabees located on Woodward.

Located within the proximity and heart of Wayne State University; I upon entry was immediately astonished by the beauty of this place. Greeted with the smile by the host, it was stated to me after inquiring that this establishment had opened it's doors January of 2013.  

Accompanied to my seat, I immediately began to skim the menu. Maccabees flair of featured selections of authentic creations made it very hard for me to decide upon. Items such as their "Baileys French Toast" and the "Salmon Wrap" indeed were tempting. Placing my menu down on the table indicating to the waiter that I was ready, I took a sip of my water and provided my order.

My curiosity for their "Maccabee Turkey" had indeed gotten the best of me. Made with smoked turkey, melted provolone, roasted peppers, and garlic aioli, ladies and gentlemen, this is not your typical turkey sandwich. In place of bread, the turkey and cheese combination is placed in between two flavorful potato pancakes.

Taking my first bite, I was immediately sold. The creative concept of  smoked turkey enclosed between two potato pancakes makes for one pure state of culinary arts at it's best. Served with a fresh mixed greens salad topped off with a homemade balsamic dressing, this meal had indeed won me over. I am indeed pleased with the atmosphere, hospitality, and dinning experience I had a Maccabee's. I'm pretty sure anyone who makes a reservation or just drops through on the humble to eat will leave feeling the exact same way.    

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Review on Tony Robbins: Tony Robbins Greatest Life Lessons Writen by Joy Lincoln

Approaching the midpoint of February 2015; less than eight weeks ago, the majority of us did the norm.  We all made or set New Years goals.  Whether we wrote them down or logged them into the route memory of our brains, we did it all in hopes to accomplish our personal life’s desires and dreams. 

The inner conflict that comes with wanting something bad enough is that the majority of us give up too soon on what we want.  In-fact, statistics indicate that achievement goals set at the beginning of the year annually are pushed by the wayside prior to half of the calendar being over with.
There’s an adage that many of us are familiar with that states the following, “it all starts with you.”   I agree with the statement however; what if your current mindset is not in a place necessary for you to get the ball rolling on your life goals and aspirations?   Speaking from personal experience, I know what it feels like to be stuck in a not so joyous predicament.    I’ve been in positions many times where I could envision myself with everything I had wished and hoped for.  The issue at hand was that I simply did not believe that I had what it took to bring it to full life.

For those wanting to feel a sense of entitlement for whatever it is you want to see or desire to come to fruition; yet somehow got off of the course.
 I recommend this book of affirmations stated directly by the legendary Tony Robinson written by Joy Lincoln.  A short yet very inspiring read, this collection of powerful and proven steps provide in depth the necessary lessons needed for an overall turnaround of a stagnant mindset.   I personally took heed to the lessons identified in chapters three and five stating the following; “You see, in life, few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough. You must take action. Only you have the power, not your environment.   

For those who were feeling enthused the very beginning of the New Year who now feel as if you can’t see yourself accomplishing your goals due to limited unproductive thoughts throwing you off your square; read this one.  Tony Robbins Greatest Life Lessons, written by Joy Lincoln, provides the push needed to get back on the right track.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Food Review on Seva in Midtown Detroit

This past week, Michigan endured some serious snow.    Contemplating on should I even leave the house this day to drive through a whirl wind of blowing flurries on my usual mission to find some great food; I got in my car wondering what I really was in the mood for. Cautiously driving down the slick yet busy streets, there were two things I knew for sure.  One, I wanted a meal that would warm my insides up, secondly; this dining experience had to be authentic and unique due to challenge of getting there  through what appeared to be a  “winter wonderland”.

Making a choice on where I could acquire what I had envisioned in mind, I decided on Seva, a Vegetarian eatery located on Forest Avenue.  Located in Midtown Detroit, it’s not an easy place to find.  Missing my turn the first time due to the entry way to the parking lot being narrow, I finally ended up in this cozy structured restaurant that resembles a large loft.

Accompanied to my table and indecisive on what beverage to taste, the waiter gave me a sample of an authentic beer strong enough to knock your socks offs yet great in flavor! I started my order off with a bowl of their Aged Cream of Potato Soup. Stirring my onions and shredded cheddar together with my spoon, I came to find that this liquid dish in my opinion was rather bland.  Leaving a strong aftertaste in my mouth, I put it to the side and waited on my second selection to arrive.

I’ve had cauliflower raw, cooked and mixed with other vegetables; however, I’d never had it the way this restaurant prepares it. For those of you unaware of what General Tso’s Chicken is, it’s a spicy deep fried Asian dish served with a sweet and hot exotic sauce.  Seva’s General Tso’s Cauliflower is prepared in the same fashion.  Prior to biting into it, I had doubts however after my first piece; I was immediately sold! The taste of the spicy battered dipped vegetables made for one impeccable appetizer filled with flavor. 

The soup in my opinion was nothing to write home to momma about however the General Tso’s Cauliflower made my dinning experience exactly what I was looking for this particular chilly day; authentic and unique that is.      

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Heal Your Heart by Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr.

The love month is upon us everyone.  In approximately thirteen days, the nation will celebrate its annual couple’s day.  With that being said, many will not.   In fact, a lot of men and women will display anger, frustration, and resentment due to not letting go of excess baggage.

The truth of the matter to be told, we as humans remain complacent in a state of broken heartedness due to not pressing on.  In the back of our minds some of us hope and pray that the individuals responsible for our inner damage receive their just due.  While it may happen in due time, waiting for the avengement of the person who shattered your world will not solve a disheartened soul.  Reading books such as Heal Your Heart by Eddie Connor Jr., definitely set the pace on a track to healing your present pain of the past.

In the initial portion of his latest book, he states the following, “Healing is not always an event… it’s a process.”  It indeed takes time to get over the act of a significant other who betrayed or mislead you to believing that their love for you was sincere.   Lingering on about the matter is not a healthy practice for anyone. In most cases, it results to one making the same or similar repetitious mistakes with different counterparts and surrounding yourself with individuals who don’t make your situation any better due to their current miserable state of mind. The old adage stating that birds of a feather flock together is indeed true.  Selecting to not move on and allowing the pity party to continuously repeat in your mind will indeed over extend its time span along with the negative company you’ll subconsciously continue to attract make for one ongoing recipe for self-sabotaging.

Some of us don’t know where to start and Valentine’s Day is soon upon us, read Heal Your Heart and use this book as a tool to get the ball rolling on a cured path to a life full of bliss.  There’s no easy way to get around it. Although the process of recovery can be painful for us all, the best way to deal with it is by reading insightful guides proving workable results such as this one; prayer, facing it head forward and moving on.