Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Soul of a Winner by Javay Johnson, Hugh Lee Johnson, Versandra Kennebrew, Chris Lee, and Tammy Turner

What's better than one motivational read?  The answer... five inspirational testimonies included in one book. Authors Javay Johnson, Hugh Lee Johnson, Kennebrew, Lee, and Turner bare their souls in this collaborative master piece. In depth, each contributor shares their trials, tribulations, and how they refused to let anything get in the way of their dreams, goals, and aspirations. 

Many of the mentioned set backs brought me to tears as I read them. These champions beat all the odds set against them. Each accepted the hand that was dealt to them and played it out graciously. Self-pity, nor statistics deterred these ambitious individuals from achieving their life's dreams. I could really relate Turner's portion of this read.  Yep...this one is the literary reads to have on your book shelves. In addition, I recommend that all utilize The Soul of a Winner to prep and motivate for the New Year to come.     

Friday, December 27, 2013

Put Your Money Where Your Soul is by Wade Galt

Many of us Americans are ill-prepared when it comes to saving for the next phases of our lives. So busy trying to keep up with the "Jones", and spending every dime we have on impulse, we've gotten away from delayed gratification. This way of living has resulted to many retirees having to go back into the workforce.

Galt does a fairly decent job at providing solutions on how not to get caught in this financial web of disaster. In addition, he provides why we shouldn't over work ourselves and miss out on the important things in life. The financial case studies included in this book serve as great tools for what could and could not happen if you plan accordingly. The self assessment activities serve directly as a financial literacy component needed for one to either get started or transition towards the right path. The message Galt sends through his book is that we should spend and invest more so on our needs versus our wants before it's too late. I just so happen to agree.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Book Review and Lasting Life Lessons from: As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

Conducting a review on Allen's As a Man Thinketh several years ago, reading Book Review As a Man Thinketh afforded me the opportunity to reevaluate my current level of process thinking. Book Review in my opinion serves as a growth measuring template. As a Man Thinketh to this day still serves as the ultimate recipe for anyone desiring to obtain a life of complete fulfillment.
Unaware of Allen's life history, I appreciated the fact that this book sheds light on his life as writer.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Adra's critique on "Viva's Coconut Oil"

Always willing to try anything once, I can honestly say that "Viva's Coconut Oil" will be used by me on the permanent basis. I love plantains and decided to use "Viva's" instead of vegetable oil. Let me just say that plantains have never tasted so good. For oatmeal lovers such as myself, try the oil in your hot cereal versus butter with a little cinnamon, and some raisins. Thanks to "Viva's", both breakfast and healthy snack items will never be the same. Look forward to trying other products by this company.  To find out more about Viva Labs products, log on to