Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Food Review on Gina's Located in Clinton Township Michigan

Waking up this Sunday hungry as a horse, I had the taste for my usual first midday food choices of the week; brunch that is. Needing coffee and just the right combination of vittles to get my day started, I pondered on where to go.   Selecting a place I’d never dined at, I ended up at Gina’s located in Clinton Township.   

Upon entry I was greeted with some of the friendliest faces ever and was escorted to my seating area.  Small yet very cozy, this place was filled to its capacity. Watching others patiently waiting to be seated, I opened up my menu to view their featured selections.

After taking several sips of my coffee, I started with an order of their Cinnamon Raisin French toast. Let me just say how glad I am that I ordered it. The combination of the cinnamon, sweet spices, and the raisins together made for one great experience taste bud wise.    

Happy about my first choice and eager to try more items, I made their hash browns and Spinach Omelet created with Swiss cheese my final selections of the day.  My hash browns were freshly cut and not frozen.  In fact, I enjoyed them so much that I ate them all!  I was somewhat disappointed by my omelet.  It was rather bland.  Although the spinach was fresh, the combination of the Swiss cheese with the egg batter lacked the desired taste I was looking for.  I’ll most definitely give Gina’s another try. Perhaps I’ll try their amazing Cinnamon Raisin French toast with another omelet choice next time.

Friday, January 23, 2015


Great writers published superb books.  In fact statics indicate that 309,957 titles were released in 2012 alone.  Some will celebrate a major accomplishment by making the New York Times Best Seller List. On the other hand, many will be disappointed due to not achieving their desired reach.

Like myself and many other writers unsatisfied with a low volume of sales due to not being highly recognized for our talents as authors, there’s one determining factor playing a vital role in it all.  Reasoning for it all has to do with placing a small amount of emphasis upon a marketing/branding plan or, the lack of putting one into place prior to release dates.  Placing all of the energy into writing and publishing the book, most writers assume that the title of a book will sale itself.   
There is a lot a work that goes into writing a book.  The same amount of effort that it takes to complete a title should also be applied to who you plan to sale it to and how your style of writing will be identified from all the rest.  For those lacking the foundation or knowledge needed to create one and haveing a clue where as to start, read Discover Your Brand by Emlyn Chand.   
Completing this book, the first thing that came to mind was a doctor’s exam.  Trained physicians check individuals thoroughly from head to toe from the inside out to ensure that everything is properly working.  This guide does the exact same thing for authors.  It allows writers the opportunity by providing specific directives the chance to thoroughly inspect their reads to ensure a higher desired target population reach.  

The author of three books for tweens, chapter six, Finding Your Genre, opened my eyes to realm of possibilities I hadn’t considered.  I had no idea how an incorrect classification of a book could result in a writer ever reaching his or her potential targeted audience. Thanks to Chand, I now know. 

To all writers whether seasoned or new, be sure to create a branding plan prior to releasing your forth coming titles and purchase Discover Your Brand to assist you with completing the process.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The 24Grille Located on Michigan Avenue in Detroit

Last Thursday’s weather here in Michigan was so cold that just about every school district was closed for the day.  Having an off day from the class room meant two things for me. One; I could make an early hair appointment and of course, case out my next restaurant within the south-east region on my usual mission to find some great eats.

Driving downtown, I ended up at the 24grille located on Michigan Avenue.  Upon entry, I was greeted by a young man and woman who displayed some of the most cheerful and welcoming expressions one would ever meet.   Enclosed inside of the WestinBook-Cadillac Hotel, the ambiance is purely sensual and the windows provide for a most decorative view for its incoming customers.

Highly satisfied with the selections from their menu, I decided on several appetizers such as their Salmon Tacos, and Lolli Pop Lamb Chops.  Both were edible however, what comes to my mind is their Risotto Croquette.  A deep fried potato served with spinach and asparagus topped with a creamy melted cheese sauce, it indeed is the appetizer to die for.

Due to having a little more room in my belly to eat just a little more, my final selection for this evening was their Corn Beef Reuben Sandwich served on multicolored rye. Big enough in my opinion to keep you good and full all day, the rye bread was crisp and the corn beef was good enough to take off the sandwich and eat it plain. The spin off for red cabbage instead of green made for one decorative creation. My experience at the 24grille in Detroit was most pleasurable.  For those who haven’t paid this fine dining restaurant a visit, be sure to make a reservation soon. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy PH.D.,D.D

It’s a “New Year” and a “New Day.”  At least that’s the attitude most of us carry for the first thirty one days out of the 365.  By February, were usually back to the same old routine.  Many of us desire a purposeful life full of meaning.  As humans, we all have various goals in life we’d like to actually see manifest.  A personal goal for one individual may be to have their health fully restored while another’s could be to eliminate excesses debt. Neither can be classified as right or wrong.   It simply boils down to what’s a priority for the individual during their present specific phase of life.
I can’t think of anyone off hand who doesn’t want to get better at something or, accomplish a lifelong dream. Perhaps the conflict overall for most of us was the ignorance of applying the proper mental channels needed to fulfill our hearts desires.
I never would’ve thought of it this way until I listened to this audio just this past week. In purest terms, this verbal formatted book is the overall recipe to any visionary’s mission. Usually, I can identify my favorite section of an audio or bounded book. Due to having so many “aha moments” as I listened, I simply couldn’t.  For those individuals desiring to improve health and finances, I highly recommend you focus on chapters five and 10.
Although The Power of the Subconscious Mind was first released in 1963, it still remains a best seller after 52 years. This is the kind of book that every kid needs to start reading no later than the age of 12.  And as for adults, start now by either reading or listening to the audio version of the late Dr. Murphy’s greatest guide today.