Monday, May 23, 2011

Climbing Every Obstacle by Anita Jefferson

Anita Jefferson with her literary testament to the world has provided us with a true and unique gift directly from her heart and soul. There are 101 obstacles included in this book. However, there is over two hundred simple solutions enclosed to get the human being back on the right path. This book could be utilize by any and everyone. It is one that could be used now and forever. It is a guide that you could read now, pull out ten years from now and still find the solutions to life's difficulties. Somewhere between your bible and your spiritual self help books, Climb every obstacle should be a part of everyone's literary collection. Life has not been a bowl of cherries for Ms. Jefferson, in the about the authors section, you will come to find that this woman has endured many trials in her life such as two strokes, severe arthritis, and a divorce. Through it all, she had the courage to move forward, and give birth to this amazing book. Climb every obstacle has truly changed my life. For anyone needing suggestions on solving issues such as trauma, resentment, rejection, or set backs, this is the one for you. Order this book on today.

The Mocha Monologues returns to Detroit for a third installment of the battle between the sexes

The Mocha Monologues returns to Detroit for a third installment of the battle between the sexes

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who I Am Not What I Am! By Tara Michener

When reading this book, it simply brought tears to my eyes thinking about the challenges bi-racial children face. Author Tara Michener does a great job through the eyes of the main character Janelle at allowing us to not only see the questions bi-racial children are asked by other children at school but also how children such as Janelle in the real world may not know exactly how to answer or provide the correct response in regards to their ethnic background. Who I am not what am I is a great book for all bi-racial children to have because it promotes, serves, and speaks to and for this group of children appropriately. This book may also be used to help and encourage bi-racial children to embrace their culture and celebrate it as well. This book sends a positive message and should serve as a recommended read at all children oriented bi-racial workshops nation wide.