Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Baker's Keyboard Louge

Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, located on Livernois is indeed one of Detroit’s historical monuments.  Jazz musicians such Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Colloway, and the legendary Miles Davis have all performed and entertained at this club that opened its doors in the early 30’s. To my surprise, after conducting research, I’d come to find that Bakers started out first as a sandwich shop in 1933, and began booking musicians in 1934. Making this discovery, I asked myself, “could this explain their solid reputation for serving up amazing down home soul food cuisine that comes often highly recommended?” 

Entering the lounge, you’re immediately taking back to a time when music was at its purest. Sitting at the bar with mutual friend, I asked to see the menu.  Due to frequently patronizing the lounge, I knew they had a reputation for making some of the best fried perch fish in the city. This day I was in the mood for a little turkey however; not prepared the traditional way. Sipping on my cocktail, I decided on their Turkey Chops and a double order of their signature greens with tomatoes and onions.

Once my plate was handed to me, the one word that immediately came to mind was, "wild!" The aroma of the food immediately awakened the senses of my taste buds.  As I prepared myself to put the "smash down" on this “mega plate” I thought to myself, "I hope everything taste as good as it smells." My greens as usual were fresh and not over powered by salt.  Prior to tasting my first chop, I was concerned about the possibility of them being overcooked and dry. After my first bite I was sold! They were crispy, moist, and some of the best chops I've tasted in a while. I was thoroughly satisfied with my experience at Bakers this day and highly recommend that everyone give them a try.  After-all the lounge was initially known for making great sandwiches prior to providing musical performances and lives entertainment.